Yakking relief with EFT

I was standing at a bus stop in Newcastle the other day in front of two extravert African women chattering away in a loud, staccato language I’d never heard before. I reacted to the noisy conversation with irritation, once I’d got on the bus I wandered to the back to find a comfortable seat out of range.

Naturally, they got on the bus and sat in the seats one row in front of me, still chattering away at high speed and high volume. My irritation level rose, and it occurred to me that this might be an opportunity for some real-time EFT to relieve the stress.

Not wanting to physically tap in public I decided to use virtual tapping to get the results I wanted without looking too weird. I imagined saying the setups whilst tapping on the karate chop spot and then worked my way through the tapping points in my imagination. It’s just like a real session, except noone can see you doing anything.

I suspect that the virtual tapping only works if you’ve had a bit of experience of physical tapping, and your system knows what to expect, so you might like to have a bit of standard EFT experience under your belt before try this.

I started off with the setup phrases:

  • Even though I’m irritated by this yakking …
  • Even though I’m annoyed …

After this I just mentally tapped all the time they were talking. After a few rounds my irritation levels dropped to a very low level and I found their way of speaking had become quite interesting, very expressive and quite lively, in contrast to some of the desultory conversations you can hear on British buses. I even found myself admiring their earrings! Quite a different reaction to my original irritation.

If you know EFT you might like to try the imaginary version in public places, using little examples of irritation to reduce your stress levels and be just that little bit happier. Of course, if you prefer, you can always sit there and stew!

2 thoughts on “Yakking relief with EFT”

  1. So tapping (virtual or otherwise) relieves the irritability, which is great; I also think the knock-on effect of aesthetic appreciation of the jewelry is really important to mention! Something about ‘no time to stand and stare’ – that if we are stressed, overwrought, depressed etc, we cannot fully sense the rest of our environment, or others in it. Its as if we are not able to hear the ‘other’ messages. Although i can also think of examples where a huge stressor has emphasised a particularly beautiful sensation, but I think thats a bit different. Interesting.

  2. I suppose one way of looking at, is to say that the tapping removed the involuntary reaction to the ‘yakking’, so my focus of attention shifted from what was unpleasant to what was agreeable because it wasn’t glued to the unpleasant aspects of the experience by the feeling response. It’s difficult to admire a beautiful view on a long walk if you have an angry blister, pain steals attention!


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