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Have you ever been to a boring conference?

The kind of event where you sit there as a (very expensive) presenter beats you to death with a PowerPoint presentation that would sedate an ox.

Would you like to go to a day long un-conference where you can choose from a huge range of topics, presented by people who know what they are talking about, meet interesting people – all for less than the cost of a round of drinks?

ChangeCamp is an alternative to a big, expensive and boring conference. It’s a local event making the best use of the huge reservoir of experience and talent that lies on our doorstep.

Rather than treating you as the passive recipient of information from experts, ChangeCamp is designed from the bottom up to encourage active participation among people who care what they do and want to share their skills and learn new ones.

ChangeCamp is about the psychology of change.

It’s for people who want to change their inner and outer worlds by:

1. Changing yourself: For people who want to explore their own inner life and develop their skills and resources.

2. Helping others change: For people who work with other people to help them change – therapists, counsellors, educators, health workers, coaches.

3. Changing groups or organisations: For those of you interested in working with groups and teams including team building, change management.

ChangeCamp is based on:

Learning: To facilitate the spread of ideas and skills into areas of people work. Rather than being a passive recipient of knowledge broadcast from the stage, it is possible for people to learn from one another.

Connection: Sometimes we may have the feeling that we are the only people we know who are interested in the things we are interested in or doing. It’s good to talk with like minded people to find new co-conspirators to a better world.

Community: If you are learning from one another then you are in a learning community. The other role of the ChangeCamp is to give skilled people who wouldn’t otherwise meet to get together a chance to get together to share experience and ideas.

Affordability: This event is aimed at professionals, students, interested lay people. To allow anyone who wants to attend the opportunity it is pitched at the lowest possible price. Many of the learning responses will be available online for download after the event.

What to expect:

Presentations: Rather than big name razzmatazz presentations ChangeCamp encourages a variety of presentations from whoever has something useful to say. Presentations can be in the form of talks, lectures, seminars, workshops, question and answer sessions, discussions or even (if you can figure out a way to do that) interpretive dance.

Room to talk: There will be space to talk, relax, meet old friends, make new ones, meet potential customers and trainers.

Participation: There are no ‘tourists’ at a ChangeCamp. Everyone is involved in some way. To make an event your own you need to take part in it. Being a spectator may be engaging, being a participant is a much more fulfilling way to take part – ask Andy Murray or Barack Obama. The minimum level of involvement is paying the entry fee and bringing some food on the day to contribute to a shared ‘lucky-dip’ buffet at lunch time.

There are many other ways to take part, by presenting of course, by taking part in presentations to the full, assisting with the running of the day, welcoming party, clean up crew, etc. We’ll let you know how you can help out if you would like to do that.

To find out more about ChangeCamp visit:

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