Why on earth would anyone want to do an NLP Practitioner training?

Insider's Guide To NLPWhen I did my first NLP Practitioner training, people asked me what I was doing and I told them as best I could. If they hadn’t heard of NLP they would have an air of puzzlement or disbelief. “What are you doing that for?” seemed to be the unspoken question. At that time I found it a very hard question to answer.

I’d first been introduced to NLP about 20 years earlier on a teacher training course and had been intrigued. It kept surfacing from time to time down the years but it took me until 1999 to attend my first NLP training. I attended a weekend introduction to NLP (a lot like the IntegrityNLP Introducing NLP course) in London to find out at first hand what it was all about.

I was astonished. Up until then I thought the furniture of my mind was fixed in place and I was stuck with it. After two days I realised that a lot of the limiting and negative thoughts I experienced were optional not obligatory. I had to find out more.

If you think all the thoughts, feelings, ideas, memories that rattle around in your body and mind are fixed this is probably difficult to imagine. If you have not attended an NLP training take a moment to imagine that you can quickly and easily change the way that you think and feel, that old hurts can be healed and old reactions dissolved. It’s a very different way of thinking about the world.

I think that contributed to my difficulty in explaining what the training was all about and what it meant to me. This experience prompted me to start the “So, what is it you are doing?” book project, where participants of past and present NLP Practitioner trainings share their thoughts on what it means to attend an IntegrityNLP NLP Practitioner Training.

Here are some of their thoughts about why they chose to do an NLP Practitioner Training

Actually   ‘doing’   something   concretes  my   learning. Books have their place, however it is only when I practice and experience skills that I find true value in them. Having considered a certain missing something  from my Humanistic  counselling approach  I  decided  that   this  was the next  step  for  me,   to sign up  for   the NLP course and learn new skills.In a nut shell experiential  learning floats my boat and for me  NLP is all about jumping into the deep end and immersing myself in valuable learning and personal development

So   I enrolled on a weekend training course, the results of which shifted my perceptions of  how to deal  with people,   I  was suddenly provided with a framework in which I could fit my years of observing peoples behaviour and use of language.This  led me  in to doing the full  practitioner course,  and  I will   never   look   back   as   it   compliments   all   of  my   other interests and has woven itself into my life journey, allowing me to develop the confidence in myself that I have always felt was lacking, through the key thing that I have needed, which is understanding.

Over the past 15 years or so I  have heard the term ‘NLP’  bandied about,  it  must  be said,  with some derision and suspicion  from various colleagues.  Then about  eight years ago  I  met someone,  who has since become a good friend   who   had   trained   with   Bill   O’Hanlon,   and   who appeared  to achieve dramatic   results  with his   clients.   (I work for the Probation Service,  incidentally) In my pursuit of   delivering   the   best   service   possible   I   asked   many questions and sometimes received straight  answers.  And, slowly,   the door   to  the power of   language was delicately unlocked and allowed to glide open…

...Then I read ‘Frogs into Princes’…

…And I’ve had the hunger ever since…


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