What's your true value?

Bank notesMany people accept what they have been told about themselves. If it’s been complementary and supportive then it’s easy to think well of yourself.

However, when you’ve been ill-used and abused all your life it’s easy to reach the conclusion that there must be something wrong with you, that you are worth less than other people.

You may even have a critical voice in your head that tells you how stupid and worthless you are.

If you are a person that believes that you are a little (or very) worthless because of your experiences and what you were told then you might like to try this little experiment:

  1. Take a brand new bank note: £20 (or whatever your local currency is).
  2. Examine it closely … How much is it worth?
  3. Now scrunch it up, then throw the scrunched up note on the floor.
  4. Stamp on it a couple of times, grind your foot into the money to squash it into the floor.
  5. Pick it up again, then spit on it, throw it down on the floor and kick it about for a bit.
  6. Pick it up again, then curse it, swear at it, call it a fool, useless, worthless and beneath contempt. Be as creative and nasty as you like as you damn this piece of paper.
  7. When you have finished abusing this piece of paper, un-scrunch it, smooth it out and look at it.
  8. Examine it closely … How much is it worth?


I just realised that I hadn’t given credit where credit was due. This exercise is a variation on a technique from Impact Therapy created by Danie Beaulieu a very skilled and inventive therapist from Quebec.

Apologies for not making that plain in the original post.

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4 thoughts on “What's your true value?”

  1. Hi Andy
    Just to say thanks for the article on your true worth.
    I used it last night as the basis for a discussion – first of all we talked about the messages we were given as children. Then iI gave a ‘bank note’ to everyone (some bank note sized papers with ‘worth £10’ written on them). How they enjoyed all the stamping and spitting and denigrating! They didn’t see where it was going – and then got it at the end with the final question! Most of them took their torn, battered and abused bank notes home with them as a reminder of their true worth!

  2. I would never have thought of using it as a group exercise – probably because it would take more crisp £10 notes than I have lying around … and I’d want them back at the end of the discussion!

    Great stuff, it sounds as though they got a lot out of it.

    Thanks for letting me know.

  3. oh.. i wasn’t expecting that! i thought, euwww who’d want something spat on! so i didn’t read the rest thinking yuk obviously it’s not worth much if we’ve chucked it away…
    but then it sunk in, of course it’s still money, and the shop would still take it, and the bank would still cash it and someone would be really grateful for it, even if they found it in a gutter…

    great analogy.. can i email it to friends?

  4. It does have a yukky feel, but sadly it’s a lot less yukky than some of the things that happen to people as they are growing up.

    Feel free to email it to friends.


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