What’s Important To You? EFT And Your Values

L'amour c'est la base de toutEFT Cafe: Three sessions of working with your values

This summer I was lucky enough to attend a Values Intensive workshop with Steve Wells, psychologist and EFT expert in London. It was one of the best trainings I’ve ever been on: powerful, humane and very funny.*

The subject of the training was using EFT to work with our values. Values are the feelings or states that are important to us: those that we want to seek or to avoid.

‘Seek values’ might be love, freedom, challenge, doing good in the world. ‘Avoid values’ might include: conflict, failure, being judged. They are powerful drivers of behaviour, a lot of what we do or strive for is to meet these values.

There are many different values and combinations of values and we all have our own unique mix.

The problem with our values is that for the most part we didn’t consciously choose them. Most of our values are the result of our early experience, they were picked up along the way from our experiences and the values of other people who were important to us.

They may not serve us well in our current lives, some may be helpful, some not. For example: if two of your important values are challenge and safety you may have a great deal of difficulty taking up challenges, even if you want to, even if you know you should. The two values will conflict,  making taking action a very stressful process.

These values and the conflicts between them are often below concious awareness and are probably responsible for most procrastination, self-sabotage and indecision.

Fortunately there is something we can do with these values – we can tap on them. Using EFT we can:

  • Get clear about our values
  • Resolve conflicts within values
  • Resolve conflicts between values

The next three meetings of the EFT Café will be a shortened version of the Values Intensive course. These sessions will focus on:

  1. Finding out what’s important: Identifying the important values that drive our behaviour for good or ill.
  2. Resolving conflicts within values: Releasing the ‘stoppers’ that lurk within our values and stop you getting the feelings you want. This will let you feel the feelings you really want to feel.
  3. Resolving conflicts between values: Reducing internal civil war to gain a deeper clarity and peace of mind so that you can make consistently better choices.

When you find out and align on your true values you will be able to choose what is deeply right for you and become someone who congruently walks their talk.

These special sessions of the EFT Café  are at 7pm on Wednesday October 14th, Wednesday November 11th and Wednesday December 9th. The cost is just £10 each.

IMPORTANT:  You will need to know how to do EFT and you will also need to attend the first session to attend the other two. You won’t be able to join the later sessions. Normal solo-sessions will be resumed in the new year.

*If you ever have the chance to attend a Steve Wells’ workshop I heartily recommend it.

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