What if you took an NLP Practitioner Training?

Why would anyone bother to take an NLP Practitioner Training? After all it’s a weird thing from California and it costs money. On one level it’s a completely understandable question, time and money can feel like scarce commodities. Why spend 10 weekends over 10 months learning personal and professional transformation skills?

Most people want to learn to drive and they spend a lot of time and money learning. They don’t even think about it. Driving is an obvious skill with obvious benefits and everyone else is doing it as well.

The benefits of an NLP training are not quite so obvious, but what you can learn on an NLP Practitioner training will certainly change your life in far more ways than learning to drive.

What if?

  • You could change all those old unhelpful patterns of emotions, beliefs and behaviours you have picked up along your way through life. The ones that make life much harder than it needs to be. The ones that stop you doing what you would really like to do. Over 6 months you have a lot of opportunities to undo old patterns in ways that are surprisingly easy and gentle.
  • You could put down all the old junk from the past and choose the kind of future you had always wanted. The memories of old disasters seem to carry around those old debilitating emotional reactions. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are ways of taking the charge out of old memories so that they become just memories. Free of old clutter it’s possible to move into a new future greater ease.
  • There were ways you could get on with people. People are tricky aren’t they? If you could really connect with people in an honest and powerful way things would just get so much easier. You learn how to improve on this skill (you already have it to some degree or another) on the very first weekend.
  • You could be far more influential than you had ever imagined possible. If you can connect with people in a direct and resourceful way then you can be so much more influential than you imagined. After all it’s just what the influential people you know are doing. They are human beings just like you. If they can do it, so can you.
  • Other people’s behaviour and your reactions to it made sense, and better still could be changed? Once you understand that people’s behaviour is just an expression of a positive intention. Then it’s possible to find new ways to meet that intention and enjoy much greater success. This can include your apparently less than useful behaviour.
  • You had far more resources than you had ever imagined. It’s funny how some people have boundless energy or confidence or happiness or courage or …. (what would be a very long list of resources). We all have these resources to one degree or another, some people seem to have them close at hand whenever they need them. What if you had ways to draw on (and amplify) your positive resources?

You don’t have to take our word for it.

Reading about NLP led me to believe that there were many ways to change myself and others so that life would be ‘better’. What surprised me was how easy it was to change everyday habits and responses and it was the little changes rather than the deeper applications that really impressed me and I’ve never worn my socks in bed since !! The changes didn’t involve willpower and work just an NLP process and all of a sudden the habit was over.


I have begun to incorporate nlp methods into my every day life – without realizing it. I feel much more able to change states – particularly if I am in a sad mood – I visualise a bright cloud and step into it – or I think of sometime in the past when I was much happier and soon my mood lifts.

I notice the words and the language people use in everyday speech more, and I have started to be careful about my own choice of language. … But I think the biggest thing for me is using rapport skills – I do find myself practising down the local pub on some unassuming stranger – and I am always so amazed how it often leads to much more of a connection with the person that I am in rapport with.


The next IntegrityNLP Practitioner Training starts in January 2010. If you are already an NLP Practitioner then you can always take the next step with our NLP Master Practitioner Training.

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