Wanted: Stressed Teachers

I’m working on a stress reduction package for teachers using a variety of techniques from EFT, TAT, NLP and elsewhere. The aim of the package is to be a self help guide that will allow teachers to bring down their own level of stress using simple and reliable techniques.

I need five volunteers to help me fine tune the process and try them out under “battlefield conditions”. The would get two one-hour stress reduction sessions (free of charge) to teach them the techniques and evaluate the results after a couple of weeks in action.

The volunteers must live in the Hexham/Newcastle area as I will need to see them in person. If you’re interested but live further away please register your interest because there will be the finished product to test.

So, if you’re a stressed teacher who’d like to be a relaxed teacher, please get in touch with me via email. Feel free to pass this offer on to anyone you think may want to be involved.

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