Wanted: Judgemental EFTers

I am working on a simple EFT protocol designed to neutralise the negative effects of being judgemental. If you are judgemental and don’t like it this process may be for you.

I’ve been experimenting with this tapping protocol for a little while and it seems to be very helpful for me, but I would like a few more people to try it out before I publish it on the site.

If you would like to help test this process out, contact me and I’ll send you the instructions for the tapping routine for you to try out and let me know the results (which I will keep confidential)

I promise I won’t be spamming you or trying to sell you something. If the protocol works it will be published free of charge on the website, you won’t need to buy anything (or listen to me trying to sell you something).

Thanks for your help.


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