Waiting Room Tapping

A few weeks ago I had to visit my local A&E department. The last time I’d been at this hospital was for day surgery (at least I thought it was only going to take a day). I’d just come round from the general anaesthetic after the surgery and I was lying on in the recovery ward. One of the nurses looked at my dressing and asked a doctor to check it, because she thought I might have been bleeding. He poked and prodded vigorously at my abdomen. Of course, I was lying on my back as he did this, I looked down the length of my body to see what he was doing and I saw him withdraw his gloved hand and his finger was covered in blood … my blood! I promptly had what the medics call a vaso-vagal response – I fainted! I came round to find a nurse holding my hand and telling me that everything would be alright and not to be afraid, I didn’t feel afraid, I felt embarrassed and stupid! Every time they tried to get me to sit up I would flake out, eventually they got tired of trying to get me vertical and decided to keep me in overnight. I was moved to another ward and was fine, if rather sheepish, after a good nights sleep.

So there I was, back again in hospital, this time in the A&E waiting room, I’d driven myself to the hospital and felt fine going into the waiting room, but as I sat there for a few minutes I began to feel a little light headed …. So I started some discrete EFT tapping which brought the light headed feeling under control, fortunately I was called up by the nurse who decides what to with you. She thought that I needed to be looked at, and led me down to a little examination room and left me to wait for the doctor. After a minute studying the bare walls and hygiene posters it dawned on me that I had the ideal opportunity to do some tapping. I still had the faint feelings in awareness, and all the time in the world to do the tapping.

So off I went:

“Even though I feel faint, I’m alright, I’m OK” …. tap … tap … tap

Then I remembered the operation, and I went to work on that. I replayed the event in my mind and started rounds of tapping:

“Even though his finger dripped blood, I’m alright, I’m OK” … tap … tap … tap
“Even though I had this fainting attack I’m alright I’m OK”. … tap …. tap .. tap
“Even though I passed out, I deeply and completely accept myself”. …. tap…tap…tap
etc, etc.

In a couple of minutes I felt much more stable, and with nothing else to do I just kept on tapping. By the time the doctor arrived I was feeling quite relaxed and chirpy, she sorted me out and off I went.

Postscript: I thought at the time that I’d completely resolved that light headed feeling, however writing this article and remembering the events brought some of that feeling back. Does this mean the EFT failed? Not at all! I just didn’t get all the different aspects whilst I was tapping in hospital. Now I’m back in the comfort of my own home I’ve had the opportunity to tap away to my heart’s content and clean up the loose ends.

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