The EFT Collection

This a collection of videos based around techniques described in the EFT Collection.

The videos include Paradoxical Tapping, Exception Tapping and Inclusive Tapping.

To see the playlist click on the small arrow icon on the right hand side of the control bar.

The Geography Of Possibilities

A selection of clips from Bill O’Hanlon’s Geography Of Possibilities workshop held in Newcastle upon Tyne in 2010. Including the story of the African Violet Queen, giving and taking your own advice and invoking client resources.

A Patterdale Terriers Guide To Stress Relief

This is part of an Introduction to EFT workshop I presented at ChangeCamp in Newcastle in October 2011. I told the story of Sally the Dog in response to a question from the audience. I was asked if you take away your responses to an annoyance in a tapping session whether the annoyance will ‘come back’ later.

This story illustrates using EFT  to respond to annoyances and the nature of an annoyance as your response to a situation not the situation itself.

P.S. If I look crumpled it’s because I spent the previous hour and a half preparing the venue for the workshop.

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