Using EFT to relax

Dr Pat Carrington has come up with an simple way to use EFT as a relaxation technique.

  1. Without using the setup phrase just tap on the EFT points, starting with the ‘eyebrow point’ using the word ‘Tense’ as the reminder phrase.
  2. Now do a round of tapping alternating the phrases ‘Tense’ and ‘Relax’, starting with the eyebrow point ‘Tense’, side of eye point ‘Relax’, under the eye point ‘Tense’, and so on ending with ‘Relax’.
  3. Do a final round of tapping using the word ‘Relax’ on all the points.

That’s all there is to it. If you don’t know about EFT you might like to download my brief introduction to EFT.

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