Using Annoyances To Your Advantage

“Always Meditate on Whatever Provokes Resentment
An instruction from the Lojong compassion training of Tibetan Buddhism

“It takes one to know one!”
An accusation often made at my primary school

Cover of Just Annoying (North America version)
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Annoyances with other people are usually things we think we just have to put up with it or complain about. There are occasions when what annoys us about other people is what we are not able to acknowledge to ourselves so we project it onto someone else.

This weeks EFT Cafe will look at how we can use what annoys us in others to improve our own sense of wellbeing by working on what our adversaries reflect back to us.

The EFT Cafe starts at 7:00pm and finishes at 9:00pm on Thursday March 12th and takes place in the Coleman Teaching Centre, St Oswald’s Hospice, Newcastle and costs just £10.

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