Two free Christmas gifts

Traditionally Christmas is the season of goodwill and generosity. In that spirit, how would you feel about giving someone you’ve never met a special Christmas present that would mean the world for them?

Give blood. It doesn’t cost you anything, and it is priceless to the person who receives it. Find out why, when and how to give blood at the Blood Transfusion Service.

So, what’s the other free gift?

If you’ve wanted to give blood, thought it was a good idea, wanted to go, but are afraid of needles, or the sight of blood or anything else to do with the whole process of giving blood, then I will help you remove those barriers for free, it will only cost you a pint of blood (given to the Blood Transfusion Service, not me!). Drop me a line to find out more, or phone The Bodywork Centre in Hexham on 01434 601 577 for an appointment.

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