Identity Healing Level 1 Practitioner

A two day training for EFT Level 2 Practitioners and above to learn how to use the Identity Healing processes for themselves and their clients.

This is a hands on and experiential training in a small group with structured exercises, demonstrations, pair practice and lots of feedback to help you learn how to use these processes.

This training will show you how to:

  • Quickly and easily identify identity beliefs and issues from the language that your client uses.
  • Dissolve challenging identity beliefs and enable a deeper sense of personal integration and self acceptance
  • Use a simple two step process to identify and uncover distressed sub-personalities associated with those identity beliefs.
  • Make those sub-personalities ‘tappable’.
  • Relieve those sub-personalities of distress by soothing their flight, fight, freeze responses.
  • Identify what those younger parts of themselves would have needed, at the time of formation, to be better able to handle the situations they found themselves in.
  • Make use of the resources and unconscious wisdom of the client to help them heal their sub-personalities.
  • Direct those resources using visualisation and metaphor so your clients can make the changes they want to make.
  • Integrate those previously isolated and struggling parts back into their adult selves.
  • Use visualisation, metaphor and trance-work to enhance your results.
  • Add a new dimension to working with parts of ourselves.

You will receive a comprehensive manual and a certificate of completion. You will also become a member of the Identity Healing website with confidential access to additional training materials and group discussions with other practitioners for peer support.

If you are a member of AAMET this course will provide 12 hours of your AAMET CPD requirements

This Is An Advanced EFT Training.

To take this training you must be very familiar and at ease with standard EFT approaches.

The minimum entry requirements to take this training are:

  • an AAMET EFT Level 2 certificate (or its equivalent)
  • at least one year’s tapping experience with clients
  • current professional liability insurance for EFT
  • be a member in good standing of a recognised EFT organisation: AAMET, EFT Guild, EFT Universe, etc.

To make the best of the Identity Healing techniques you need:

  • Good rapport and calibration skills
  • A confident grasp of EFT
  • The ability to make and keep people feeling safe as they do deep work
  • Flexibility and patience
  • Some experience of NLP would be helpful but it is not a necessity.

This training is for people who like small training group situations, the maximum number of participants is limited to 12 people. If you prefer to work in the anonymity of a crowd this training isn’t for you.

This training is not available for people who are new to tapping or have not yet taken a recognised EFT Level 2 training.

Although Identity Healing is a ‘simple five step process’ navigating those five steps correctly requires skill, judgement and flexibility.

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