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EFT Level 1 – Introductory Training

A two day workshop teaching you how to …

simply, easily and naturally release your stress, negative emotions and emotional suffering by learning how to “tap” into your body and mind’s natural stress-relief response.

Are these workshops for you?

Learning EFT/Tapping at these workshops may be helpful for people who:

  • suffer from stress – they can feel as if life is getting too much for them and they are struggling to cope with their emotional challenges.
  • experience anxiety – they might find that simple experiences trigger unnecessary fear or apprehension.
  • are upset by unhappy memories – they find that there are some memories that they just can’t let go of, even remembering them is distressing and stressful.
  • have unwanted emotional reactions to people or situations – they may react to situations or people in ways that they don’t like but feel unable to change.
  • feel that their emotions are out of control – it’s as if their emotions have a mind of their own, no matter what they do they still feel bad when they think they shouldn’t.
  • have a busy or troubled mind – they go over difficult memories or imaginings time after time, getting nowhere but feeling bad about it.
  • want ways to manage cravings – they would like not to have to struggle to resist chocolate, cigarrettes, wine, junk TV and many other unwanted temptations.
  • would like to treat simple aches and pains– they want a simple technique that help them ease their own physical discomforts.
  • would like more peace of mind – they just want to be more comfortable in their body and mind.

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), sometimes known as “tapping”,  is a simple, yet effective healing process that uses your body’s built in stress relief system. By tapping with your fingertips on the ends of acupuncture meridians you can reduce, or eliminate, many negative emotions including fear, anger, phobias, grief, traumatic memories, stress and anxiety.

EFT can also relieve many physical conditions that may have an emotional component, such as headaches, muscle stiffness, pain, food cravings, smoking, itching and nail-biting.

“Excellent teaching delivered with expertise, sensitivity and humour. Witnessing and having personal experience of such a powerful technique was inspirational. 

The opportunity to practise with group members was a privilege and priceless learning experience

Thank you once more for a week-end that was filled with magical moments that at times took my breath away.”
Yvonne Moore

EFT Level 1 Trainings in 2022

Unless otherwise stated these trainings are from 9am – 12:30pm (UK time).

Online – 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th June 2022

Online – 3rd, 4th, 10th & 11th September 2022

From: Andy Hunt, www.practicalwellbeing.co.uk

Andy Hunt


I’d like to invite you to attend a ‘tapping’ workshop that could help change your emotional life.

Learning EFT, and using what I learned, certainly helped me change mine.

Before I go into details about the course, there are three things to get out of the way first:

First, this is a long page. I know, you’re probably thinking “Ugh, not another long sales letter!” (I feel the same way).

Second, you do NOT have to read all of it. I’ve included all this information because it might be helpful to you. If you already know you want to do the course, just sign up.

Third, it’s my intention that this information will help you decide if this course is the right thing for you. It is to help you figure out whether attending an EFT Level 1 workshop with me would be a good fit for you and your needs. It is not to force you into buying what you don’t want or don’t need.

Now that’s out of the way, here’s a question

Are we stuck with negative emotions and our unhelpful reactions?

It used to feel that way for me. I tried lots of ways to distract, deny, soothe, reduce and get rid of the negative emotional stuff that caused me trouble.

Some of those methods worked, some of them worked well, I found that one of the best is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

The heart of the EFT Level 1 training is to show you how to release unhelpful negative reactions and responses. How to let go of stress and distress to become more comfortable in our own skin.

The critical assumption behind this workshop is: you don’t need to suffer unnecessarily, you can change the way you feel if you want to.

“The Level 1 course was fantastic. Lots of ‘stuff’ to work on both on the day and afterwards. I particularly appreciate the ‘craving technique’ as I’m now totally Pringle free. No craving, no desire, nothing. How good is that?! There was nothing about the day I did not enjoy or feel could be done better. The group size was small and that possibly made my enjoyment more memorable. Your style was informal and informative.”
Carole Briggs

Things you will learn on the training

1. You don’t have to feel bad

Negative emotions such as anger, fear, guilt and sadness can feel very persistent. It is as though they are very resistant to change.

At this workshop you will learn Specific techniques to release and soften negative emotions.

What this will mean to you You no longer just have to put up with negative emotions. If you use these simple techniques you can soften and change previously stuck emotions to give you more freedom.

2. You don’t have to suffer from old memories

Memories usually carry the emotional charge that was present when they were formed. If the event felt good, your memories probably feel good as well. If the event felt bad then you probably feel bad when you remember it.

At this workshop you will learn A simple, step by step process to remove the negative charge from unpleasant memories so that they can become neutral memories.

What this means to you If you take the charge out of negative memories you will be able to remember without the pain that often goes with remembering difficult times. Old memories will become just that, old memories. You can get on and live your life without being haunted by the past.

3. You can relieve stress

Some people suffer from stress, some people cope with stress, the effects of stress can damage your mental and physical wellbeing.

At this workshop you will learn Straightforward techniques to change your responses to stressful situations so that you can be resourceful rather than stressed out.

What this will mean to you Using these techniques you can go from just coping with stress to being resourceful and resilient.

4. You can have more control over your emotions.

If you are a slave to your emotions, being pushed around by your emotional reactions. Having a short fuse, or being easily intimidated. It’s easy to be governed by your emotional responses.

At this workshop you will learn Skills that let you change your emotional responses to difficult situations.

What this will means to you If you change your emotional responses to situations it’s easy to change the way you act in these situations. Having different responses lets you think, feel and act in new ways.

Important: This course is not a substitute for therapy.

Although EFT is a simple and powerful way to change the way you think and feel, this training is not a substitute for personal therapy or counselling.

What is an EFTi EFT Level 1 Foundation Training?

EFT International (formally known as AAMET) is the largest professional EFT organisation world-wide.

‘Level 1’ is the introductory level of EFT training and equips you with the skills to use EFT to work on your own issues and those of your family and friends.

Since EFT is a skill this is a hands-on training with lots of supervised practice. This training is self-contained and open to all. After attending you will be able to use EFT confidently for a variety of issues.

If you want to develop your EFT skills for working with other people, it serves as the foundation for the EFTi EFT Level 2 Practitioner Training.

EFTi Master Trainer

Andy Hunt is an EFT International Accredited Master Trainer.

Why is this training twelve hours long?

In previous years EFT Level 1 trainings took just one day. It’s been clear that one day is not enough time to get the best results from training. EFTi EFT Level 1 trainings are now spread over two whole days (or four half days if online).

There are three reasons for the extended training time:

1. There is a lot to learn

There is a large amount of information and techniques to fit into a one day training. To cover the ground in the time available means that you don’t have much time to explore the techniques in much detail. It’s a whistle-stop tour through the basics, working with memories, dealing with cravings, and using EFT with physical issues. That is a lot of material to cover in a short space of time and it’s difficult to do it justice in one day.

2. To learn EFT you need to practice.

You can learn about EFT in a day, to learn how to use EFT you need to practice. The more practice you get the more you learn. In a one day Level 1 training it is only possible to give a limited amount of practical experience in the time available. In two days there is more time to practice, reflect on, and discuss what you are doing.

3. Practice gives confidence.

Many people are bowled over by the results of EFT during a one day training. They are amazed and inspired by what they learn during the day, but when they get home they are not sure how to put their learning into practice. You need to have the practice to gain confidence in what you are doing and how to do it so that you can use it for yourself.

What happens at an EFT Level 1 training?

I run most of my EFT trainings in Newcastle upon Tyne at the Teaching Centre attached to St Oswald’s Hospice in Gosforth. The training room is in a building away from the main body of the hospice and many people comment on the pleasant vibe from the venue. The training room is comfortable and friendly.

Keeping it safe and comfortable for trainees

While this workshop is all about working with difficult feelings I do my best to make sure it is a safe and comfortable environment to learn and practice these processes.

There will be no pressure on participants to ‘reveal all’ at the workshop, there is usually no need to bare your soul (in fact I actively discourage that in the workshop). Tapping can be a private process, most of the work can go on in the privacy of your own mind.

You decide what you want to tell people about and what is said in the training room, stays in the training room.

Sometimes the best way to teach you how to use these techniques is to show you how with volunteers from the group. These EFT demonstrations are friendly and safe. I always ask for volunteers to help me out and I never force anyone to do what they don’t want to do.

‘Working in pairs tapping together. It was really useful that the group had a varying background and different motivations for attending’
Lesley Wingfield

The First Day

When you arrive, I’ll be there to welcome you, point you to the tea and coffee facilities and give you your training packs containing the printed paperback manual and other training materials.

Introducing ourselves

We start with a relaxed and gentle round of introductions. There’s no pressure to perform or weird ‘ice-breaker’ games (shudder).

I’ll give a quick introduction to the venue, an overview of the two days of the workshop and remind you of the importance of confidentiality.

Introducing Emotional Freedom Techniques

The training begins with a brief history of EFT from the early days, how it works and how it has developed over the years.

I’ll show you the basics of the technique and you’ll soon be using it, in pairs, in a simple exercise to have a personal experience of the power of the process.

‘Excellent day. Very interactive with lots of practice. Will highly recommend this to colleagues.’
Christine Brock

Simple stress relief with EFT

I will introduce the simplest way I know of taking the emotional distress out of challenging situations. It’s easy to learn and use.

You’ll practice this process in pairs and by yourself so that you can have it at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Unpacking and soothing problem situations

One of the problems new users of EFT find is that they don’t know where to start when working on challenging emotional situations.

I will show you a simple step by step process to help you unpack a problem and gives you straightforward guide for tapping your way out of it.

I’ll explain and demonstrate (with a volunteer from the group) how to use this process and tapping to tackle more difficult problems.

In pairs you will have time to practice this process on a troublesome issue of your own and find out how easy it is to change the way you think and feel about every-day stressors.

Preparing for future events

One of the ways we can suffer emotionally is to feel bad about events before they have happened. We can lie awake at night worrying about things that haven’t happened yet: the interview, the medical appointment, etc, etc.

In this part of the day we will use a variation on an earlier process to help us prepare for future events. So that we can be as calm and resourceful as possible, so we can do our best.

The Second Day

On the second day you will probably be feeling much more at home with the tapping process. We can progress to use the tapping on more challenging problems.

Taking the distress out of memories

In this section I describe and demonstrate one of the most useful tapping techniques: a simple process for taking the emotional charge out of challenging memories.

We all have unpleasant experiences. It wouldn’t be so bad if we could just remember them and move on, but we have the unfortunate ability to remember them and all the unpleasant feelings that went with them. Using this simple process you can turn a troublesome memory into just a memory.

After demonstrating the process, you will again work in pairs to practice and experience this process for yourself.

Using this technique over time we can dramatically reduce our stress responses to challenging situations.

Reducing cravings using EFT.

In this section we will explore how to use EFT to reduce unhelpful cravings. If you are trying to cut down on chocolate, crisps or cigarettes this can be a really helpful technique to help you stick to your health goals.

We will use both group and individual tapping to show you how to make your cravings more manageable.

Using EFT for physical issues

EFT can be surprisingly effective when used against physical discomforts, including: aches, pains, headaches etc.

I’ll demonstrate how to use EFT to work with everyday aches and pains.

Figuring out how to put EFT into practice

As the workshop draws to an end there will be a chance for you to reflect on the trainings and discuss what you have learned and explore how you can make the most of your new tapping skills.

Wrapping up the training

After a final round of questions and answers, I will distribute your certificates of attendance. That marks the end of the training.

You will be ready to use the tapping techniques in everyday life. The rest is up to you.

‘I first got interested in EFT after a friend of mine overcame her fear of flying by working with Andy. I was bowled over by EFT when I first started to use it after learning it from manuals on the Internet. It seemed pretty weird but it worked so well! So I wanted to use it in my work with people with common mental health problems … The course was matter of fact, fun and easy to follow … for the price it was one of the best training days I have ever enjoyed and extremely useful too’
Liz Kirsopp

Why I run these trainings

A (very) long time ago, I was a rather shy, introspective teenager that got interested in psychology as a way of better understanding myself and getting along with others.

I went to Nottingham University in 1977 to study Chemistry. Although I didn’t study psychology I read a lot about it anyway and took part in some encounter groups (which were big in the 70s) and got interested in counselling.

After university, at the tender age of 22, I took a three year part time Person Centred counselling diploma course with the Person Centred Approach Institute. When I had completed this training I realised that I wasn’t ready yet to be a counsellor and needed much more life experience to be effective.

Since then, I’ve had a variety of jobs including: milkman, assistant steward on an Irish Sea ferry, a Residential Social Worker at a centre for delinquent teenagers, the Assistant Head of Youth Centre in London, and short periods as a grape picker in Switzerland, a spring grinder(!) in Germany and a night porter and barman.

In 1990 I moved to the North East of England to take a MSc Software Engineering course, eventually specialising in image analysis programming for medical and scientific applications. At that time I became a practising Buddhist.

In 2000 I rekindled my long interest in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) by taking a NLP Practitioner training, which led to even more NLP training and eventually finding and learning EFT. I was astonished by how easy it was to change negative emotions and responses, defuse painful memories and change limiting beliefs.

Impromptu puffin rescue
Impromptu puffin rescue on Blyth beach

Using these techniques consistently I began to notice profound shifts in my experience. Feeling much more at ease with myself than I had ever done before.

The combination of NLP and EFT convinced me to stop the computer work and become a full time therapist and trainer.

One of the wonderful things about EFT is its simplicity and versatility. I thought it would be wonderful if everyone had access to a simple way to change the way they felt and thought.

My aim for this course is to teach you some of what I know and have found most helpful to have a happier life.

Andy Hunt has been using NLP and EFT to help himself since 2000 and others since 2005.

‘The simplicity of it. How Andy explains it in such a down to earth, practical yet humorous way. I got to release loads, so easily and quickly, thanks.’
Paula McCormack

Two Guarantees

I can make two cast-iron guarantees about this course.

First Cast-Iron Guarantee

If you learn and use the techniques presented at the workshop on a regular basis you will change your emotional life for the better.

EFT is not a miracle cure. Every problem you ever had won’t just disappear in a puff of magic. Tapping is like jogging, swimming, gardening, yoga or meditation you have to do it to get the results.

Second Cast-Iron Guarantee

If you learn but you don’t continue to use these tapping techniques you will not get the benefits from them.

Reading about EFT is not enough. Watching tapping videos is not enough. Thinking about EFT is not enough. Wanting to use the techniques is not enough. You have to use the techniques to get the benefits.

If you just want to learn about EFT, rather than how to use the techniques for a better life you may be better off just reading a book or watching some videos. If you don’t want to change for the better this course isn’t for you.

How much does this training cost?

If you book the training more than 1 month in advance, the ‘Early Bird’ fee of £125 applies.

Thereafter the full fee of £175 applies.

If you would like to pay the training fee in four monthly payments get in touch with me.

If you have already taken an EFT Level 1 training with me before, you can repeat the training for £45.

Click Here To Book Your Place On The June 2022 Training

Cancellation Policy

If you cannot attend the training for some reason the following cancellation policy applies.

If you give:

  • more than 1 month’s notice – you will receive a full refund or a free transfer to the next course
  • more than 1 week’s notice – you will receive a 75% refund or a free transfer to the next course
  • less than 1 week’s notice – you will receive a 50% refund or a free transfer to the next course
  • no notice and fail to attend – no refund or free transfer to the next course

If you have got this far, thank you for reading. Whether you attend this course or not I wish you all the very best.


P.S. If you have any questions or want to know more please get in touch.

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