EFT Level 2 Training


The EFT Level 2 Training is designed for those already in the helping professions who wish to add this extremely effective method to their tool-kit.

This training is to develop your EFT skills to a professional level so that you can work with clients.

You will learn more sophisticated approaches for dealing with trauma, anxiety, cravings, physical symptoms and more.

The training also addresses some of the practical, ethical and legal aspects of working with clients using EFT.

The Two Stage Certification Process

In early 2016 AAMET introduced changes into the EFT Practitioner certification process.

The AAMET EFT Practitioner Training has been split into two parts:

  1. EFT Level 2 Training
  2. EFT Practitioner Certification & Accreditation Process.

If you want to become an Accredited AAMET Certified EFT Practitioner you must successfully complete both parts of the process.

The certification process is designed to demonstrate that you have grasped the principles taught in the training, have successfully applied them in a wide variety of cases and are competent, and confident, enough to work with clients in a professional way.

AAMET EFT Level 2 Training

This two day training is designed to teach you what you need to know to use EFT techniques with clients in a professional capacity.

If you want to go on to using EFT in your professional work this is the first step towards certification as an AAMET Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner.

In this two day EFT Level 2 training you will learn about:

  • Building bridges between EFT and what your client already knows so that they will be comfortable trying out something that is unfamiliar and may seem unorthodox.
  • Working safely with clients using tapping to approach difficult issues with the minimum of distress to the client and recognising and managing difficult emotions and reactions during the sessions.
  • Gently releasing trauma using two processes specifically designed to ease traumatic memories with the minimum of distress. EFT is already a very gentle way to neutralise trauma, in this training you will learn how to soften the process still further.
  • Finding the core issues that drive problems rather than tapping on the symptoms, learning to investigate the origins of the presenting problem to find what holds the client stuck in their problems. Once these core issues have been identified and resolved the problems associated with them can be easily dealt with.
  • Finding and dissolving limiting beliefs learning how we restrict our experience of the world with limiting beliefs and how to use EFT to detect and remove those limitations.
  • Adding reframing to the tapping to help clients to take broader and more useful perspectives on their difficulties.
  • Working with physical issues using different ways to address physical issues and process physical issues, including how to discover and resolve contributing emotional factors.
  • Using EFT over the phone and with a group as an addition and alternative to more formal one-to-one sessions. Learning how to use tapping over the phone, Skype and in group settings.

Extensive training materials including manuals and recordings are provided.

The content of the course follows the AAMET EFT Level 2 Syllabus.

You must already have an AAMET EFT Level 1 Certificate to attend an AAMET EFT Level 2 training.

The EFT Level 2 training is designed to teach you how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques with clients. It is not designed to teach you how to be a therapist or counsellor.

It is strongly recommended that you already have experience of working with people in a helping capacity as a counsellor, therapist, teacher, medical professional or social worker before taking this course.

Where, when and how much?

The next EFT Level 2 training will be in Newcastle upon Tyne on Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th November, 2017 at St Oswald’s Hospice, Gosforth, Newcastle

If you book before 3rd September 2017 the Super Early Bird fee for this training is: £155

If you book before 8th October 2017 the Early Bird fee for this training is £175.

Thereafter the full fee for this training is: £225

There are only 8 places available on this course

Anyone with an existing AAMET EFT Level 2 certificate can attend this course as a refresher for just £30.

At the successful conclusion of this training you will receive an AAMET EFT Level 2 Attendance Certificate.

Important: This training alone is not sufficient to become an AAMET EFT Practitioner.

Book Your Place

Cancellation Policy

If you cannot attend the training for some reason the following cancellation policy applies.

If you give:

  • more than 1 month’s notice – you will receive a full refund or a free transfer to the next course
  • more than 1 week’s notice – you will receive a 75% refund or a free transfer to the next course
  • less than 1 week’s notice – you will receive a 50% refund or a free transfer to the next course
  • no notice and fail to attend – no refund or free transfer to the next course (at my discrection)

AAMET Certification And Accreditation

To receive accreditation as an AAMET Certified EFT Practitioner, students need to successfully complete the following activities within 12 months of the completion of their EFT Level 2 training or an EFT Level 2 refresher course.

  1. Become a member of AAMET if they are not already. A Practitioner-Candidate must be an AAMET member to access the exam and generally joins as an EFT Student member at this time.
  2. Pass an on-line Multiple Choice exam which can only be accessed from the AAMET International website. The answers to the exam should include material covered during your Level 1 and 2 training courses and may be found within the training manual provided. Students are given 3 attempts to achieve the 80% pass mark and results are sent directly to the student. The AAMET will also have access to the results for audit purposes. There is a small administration fee for the exam which is paid at the time that the exam is taken.
  3. Complete 50 Practice Sessions: To become certified, students must now complete a minimum of 50 practice sessions of 45 minutes or longer, with at least 20 different individuals. To ensure that as certified practitioners they have actual working experience – and not just classroom knowledge – of EFT. You will have to keep a log of your practice sessions.
  4. Submit Four Case Studies: Submit to the trainer a minimum of four written case studies (four x one hour sessions). One of these studies should be self-work. The studies should demonstrate knowledge and application of skills gained during Level 1 and Level 2 training. An example Case Study and Case Study Guideline booklet will be supplied to each student by the Trainer to assist case study work. The Trainer will mark the studies and offer feedback and support as required.
  5. Submit a complete EFT session: The trainer will have to observe and evaluate a full EFT session from each student. In place of a live, in-person session, the trainer may instead allow and evaluate a video- OR audio-recording of a live session. The live session (and follow-up discussion) will then count as one of the mandatory case studies.
  6. Receive a minimum of six hours supervision/mentoring Attend six hours of either one to one, or group, supervision with any AAMET Approved Supervisor. This can be conducted face to face, over the phone, via Skype, webinar or email.
  7. Complete any additional, discretionary requirements as outlined by the AAMET Master Trainer / Supervising Mentor during the certification process. Mentors may require additional client sessions / practice hours, 1-to-1 mentoring meetings or case studies as needed to complete their assessment.

While these criteria may seem to be a lot of work, completing them will give the student the confidence that they can work well with clients, and that the client who seeks out an Accredited EFT Practitioner can have the confidence that they will be seeing a skilled practitioner.

Once the Practitioner-Candidate has successfully completed all of the requirements and the Supervising Mentor (usually the trainer) is confident that they have sufficient knowledge of EFT skills and the experience to use them safely with clients, the trainer will give issue them an EFT Practitioner Certificate.

The Supervising Mentor will then inform the AAMET Membership Secretary that all requirements have been met. The Membership Secretary will then invite the Candidate (via email) to upgrade their membership on AAMET.org from EFT Student to AAMET Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner.

EFT Practitioner Certification Support Package

If you wish to apply for AAMET EFT Practitioner Accreditation you will need to sign up for the Certification Support Package which includes:

  • The marking and feedback for the 4 required in-depth case studies
  • In depth review and discussion of recorded / live session.
  • One 60 minute or 2 x 30 minute review of progress before certification.

The Certification Support Package costs £125 and requires a £50 non-refundable deposit followed by a £75 payment for the review of case studies / recorded session.

The purpose of the training and the certification process is to guarantee that candidate-practitioners are skilled enough to work with a wide range of issues with their clients. You can read more about this in Your Life In Their Hands?

Important: The EFT Practitioner Certificate will only be issued on successful completion of all the requirements as assessed by the Trainer or Supervising Mentor.

Maintaining Accreditation Status

To maintain AAMET Accredited, Certified EFT Practitioner status, members must fulfil annual CPD and supervision/mentoring requirements.

  • The CPD (Continuous Professional Development) requirements are 30 hours of EFT-related study (i.e. videos, workshops, books, audio presentations, etc.)
  • The Supervision/Mentoring requirements are 6 hours annual mentoring (as an individual or in a group of 8 or less) with an AAMET Master Trainer or an Approved Supervisor (a Certified, Advanced EFT Practitioner who has been approved by AAMET to offer annual Supervision / Mentoring).

These requirements are to ensure that practitioners are able to provide a high quality of EFT to their clients.


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