EFT Level 1 Sign Up Page

Thank you for wanting to sign up for one of my EFT Level 1 Trainings.

To book a place on your course, click on the link with the appropriate date. You will be taken to an online booking service where you register and pay for the course of your choice.

How much does this training cost?

If you book the training more than 1 month in advance, the “Early Bird” fee of £135 applies.

The full fee for an EFT Level 1 Training is £195.

If you want to pay for the training with three, low-cost, monthly payments drop me a line.

If you have already taken and EFT Level 1 training with me before, you can repeat the training for £30.


EFT Level 1 Trainings 2018

The sign up process should be self-explanatory but if you have any difficulties or questions please get in touch.

The course includes a full manual and all training materials. At the end of the training day you will receive an AAMET EFT Level 1 Attendance Certificate which is required if you want to progress to the EFT Level 2 training to add EFT to your professional tool box.

Cancellation Policy

If you cannot attend the training for some reason the following cancellation policy applies.

If you give:

  • more than 1 month’s notice – you will receive a full refund or a free transfer to the next course
  • more than 1 week’s notice – you will receive a 75% refund or a free transfer to the next course
  • less than 1 week’s notice – you will receive a 50% refund or a free transfer to the next course
  • no notice and fail to attend – no refund or free transfer to the next course

Important: These EFT Level 1 Training courses are designed to show you how to use EFT to relieve your own issues and to do simple work with family and friends. This is not a substitute for personal therapy, nor will it train you to be an EFT therapist in your own right, though you may use the certificate to attend an EFT Level 2 course for further training.

I look forward to seeing you on the day.


P.S. Please get in touch if you need any more information.

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