The Weekly Wash

Here’s a simple way for two EFTers to help each other get over a difficult week.

  1. Make a little bit of time together to do the ‘weekly wash’.
  2. Make a list of all the ‘crap’ things that happened to you last week. All the disappointments, arguments, incidents, embarrassments, ‘Mr Angry’ moments, everything with an unpleasant feeling attached to it.
  3. Scale each incident on the 0-10 scale.
  4. One of you picks an incident they would like to neutralise, the other acting as guide helps them neutralise that memory using the EFT movie technique. Be very thorough.
  5. When that incident has been neutralised swap roles.
  6. Continue neutralising each others incidents until they have all been cleared.
  7. Thank each other and enjoy a truly relaxed week end.

P.S. You can use this process solo, but it’s more fun to have someone to help you along.

We tried this out at our EFT Café last week and found that this process works quite nicely. Here are some of the benefits for this process if practised on a regular basis.

  • If you have made an arragement with someone else to do this you are much more likely to go through with it. Like most beneficial activities EFT is harder to practice solo than in company.
  • You have an opportunity practice the movie technique, one of the fundamental processes in EFT.
  • Both of you will get the benefits of the tapping.
  • You will have a more relaxed weekend. Why waste it worrying about what happened?
  • If disagreeable events keep cropping up for you on a weekly basis this process will start to work away at those underlying issues.
  • If you are tackling underlying issues, not only do you relieve last week’s stresses , but you will probably reduce the amount stress that you will get next week. Two for the price of one.

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