The Weekly Wash – EFT Stress Relief Workshop

When I was a kid, before automatic washing machines were common, my mum used to save up the washing for one day in the week. Our clothes could have taken about a day or two’s wear before they were too grubby. We save them up and she would do the weekly wash to put them back in good order for next week.

It’s funny but most of us don’t seem to have a similar mechanism to clean up the previous week’s stress. If someone said you had to wear the same shirt for months and years we would probably not like the idea too much. But that’s what we put up with our emotional ‘clothing’, we get splattered (or drenched) with stress everyday and instead of dealing with it, we cover it up or push it down, with drink, food or some other distraction.

This approach appears to work, the stress of the week gets a superficial dusting off, but it’s not completely resolved. Little by little the stress levels get ingrained into the fabric of our bodies and minds.

Each little incident dropping a dose of stress hormones into our system. The cumulative effect of all this stress is severe, between 16% and 30% of European workers found their workplaces too stressful. In some professions that’s much worse, one in ten cancer specialists had signs of depression.

Most people don’t seem to have a good method to take care of the stress of the week. Nobody taught us at home or school how to resolve stress. That’s were EFT comes in. Clearing up stressful memories with is quite straightforward. You would learn how to do that in an EFT Level 1 course.

Sometimes an EFT Level 1 is too much. Too much information, time or money. So to give people a chance to learn how to use this EFT just to dealing with stress, I’m putting on a series of low cost 3 hour workshops. In the first hour, newcomers to EFT will learn enough EFT to neutralise on negative memories, in the next two hours they will get supervised practice in using those techniques to relieve the stresses and strains of a week.

By the end of the workshop, you will be a lot more relaxed than they were when you came in and have the skills to take care of stress as and when it arises. You’ll be able to do your own weekly (stress) wash.

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