The Problem With Learning EFT

There’s a problem with learning EFT at a Beginner’s EFT or EFT Level 1 training or some other informal introduction. Lot’s of people seem to have trouble using EFT effectively for themselves. Here are a few potential snags that get in the way of successful use of EFT:

You are not sure what to do: You’ve been to the training or workshop and been impressed with the results you got on the day. Perhaps you neutralised some old troublesome memories, or maybe eased some physical symptoms. But when you got home it didn’t seem quite so easy. Perhaps you’ve found it difficult to decide where to start or what words to use.

You don’t like to do EFT on your own: Perhaps you are the one of the people who likes to work with other people. Perhaps you like the company, the understanding of other people or just to have someone guide you through the process.

You don’t feel confident: Some people take to EFT right away and rush ahead applying it to everything they can think of and getting good results. Other people are a bit hesitant, they’re not sure what to do or how to do it and that lack of confidence keeps them from making progress.

You haven’t had the opportunities to improve your skills: Perhaps you just haven’t had a chance to practice your skills. Maybe you are thinking of progressing to use EFT in their work or maybe you just want to be more skilled using EFT for family an friends.

You just haven’t used it: Perhaps you haven’t got the benefits of EFT because you’ve not been able to practice. Perhaps you’ve just put EFT on the shelf. EFT is a great technique but if you don’t use it you may as well not have bothered learning it in the first place.

The Tapping Group

To address some of these problems I am starting a regular Tapping Group running twice a month on a Monday and a Thursday evening. Unlike the EFT Cafe the tapping group will follow the same format each session and will give you the following benefits.

Guidance and instruction about what to do: When you come to the tapping group you can enjoy supervised practice. There’ll be an experienced EFT Practitioner and Trainer on hand to answer any questions and give you guidance to get the best out of the technique.

Work in a group setting: At the tapping group you will be among like minded people developing their EFT skills to feel better. The support and encouragement of other people makes using EFT much easier.

Get more confident in the techniques: The more you practice the more confident you will get (and the better you will feel). There’s no substitute for practice. In these groups you will get a lot of practice.

Improve your skills with supervised practice: To develop your skills you need to practice with different people and different issues and get tips from more experienced practitioners.

Feel better by using EFT: Using EFT intensively for a couple of hours you will just feel better, more relaxed and at ease. EFT is good for you. Attending group practice is a great way to learn a lot and feel better doing it.

Help someone else realise the benefits of EFT: The people you work with in these sessions will feel the benefit of your working with them. It’s a great way to do something good for somebody.

If this sounds appealing then join the Tapping Group where you can work with like minded people under supervision. In the group you will pair up with other people and take turns in using EFT.

The main focus of the sessions will be using the Personal Peace Procedure, which is designed to neutralise past unpleasant memories so that you can be free of their effects. It’s up to you which memories you choose to work with but everyone is expected to bring stuff to work with and take turns in dealing with issues. Everyone will help and be helped in this format.

The groups will be confidential. As you probably know EFT is unusual in that most of the work can go on in the privacy of your own mind. What you work with is up to you. All attendees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

It’s not going to cost the earth. Each two hour session will cost just £10. That’s compared to £80 for a two hour one-to-one session with me as a private client. That’s quite a saving.

The Tapping Group will meet at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne between 7pm and 9pm.


This group not a substitute for therapy: EFT is an excellent self help tool for minor to moderate issues. However this is not an appropriate group for dealing with serious mental health issues. If you are unsure about whether to attend please discuss your circumstances in confidence with me before attending.

Drop me a line if you’d like to attend.

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