The NLP Café

Nigel Hetherington and I are starting up a monthly NLP Café practice group in Newcastle. Rather than the ‘turn up and see what happens’ approach common to many practice groups, we have a decided to do something different. We want to offer a focussed practice session, a mini training event, lasting just a couple of hours but really giving you the opportunity to develop your skills.

The NLP Café will have a theme for each meeting. We will introduce the theme, provide a demonstration of the exercises and procedures that support that theme, then we will help you practice the procedure and develop the skills.

Short, sweet and practical.

Most of the NLP Café sessions will be for people who have some NLP experience. To use the processes you will need to have some calibration and rapport skills. We may run introductory sessions under the NLP Café banner at times but the sessions are for NLPers who want to expand their range of skills.

To attend you will need to be an NLP Practitioner or be on an NLP Practitioner training or to have attended one of our Introducing NLP workshops.

The first NLP Café meeting will be on Wednesday 12th December at St Oswald’s Teaching centre. Contact me if you require more information. The title of that session is How to Create a Brilliant Future

The cost of each session is £10.

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