The Fallen

I’ve just finished watching The Fallen a 3 hour film on BBC 2 about the 300+ British servicemen and women killed in Iraq and Afganistan since the ‘War on Terror’.

It is a hugely moving film and desperately, desperately sad as it focuses on the lives of the families of those that died. All sorts of people trying to come to terms with the loss of brothers and daughters, husbands and fathers. Since warfare is an equal opportunities slayer every part of society is represented. The pain, resilience and the different ways that the families try to come to terms with their loss is hard to watch.

In the EFT for PTSD video there’s a sense of at last there is some way to help those that returned. Although very difficult there is someone suffering to work with. In these cases there is an absence of someone to work with and the ramifications of that are profound.

It’s a very powerful film about the people who are left after the headlines have faded. It it is ever re-broadcast or turns up online it’s well worth the effort to view, but you’d better have some tissues handy.

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  1. Sue says:

    It’s due out soon on the BBC iPlayer .

  2. Andy says:

    Thanks for that information. It deserves a wide viewing although I suspect, due to discomfort, many people would rather look the other way.

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