The EFT Gathering North, Ilkely, 2011

I’ve just returned from the 2011 EFT Gathering North in Ilkely. It’s an opportunity for EFT Practitioners and Therapists to get together and share presentations and experiences about their work in many different fields. Over 100 people attended and I was one of the presenters.

I had a great time presenting and demonstrating the ‘Identity Relief‘ process I developed to take care of negative identity beliefs. All the presentations were recorded and with a bit of luck I’ll be putting up an audio recording of the presentation and the demonstration on the website as soon as it is available.

(Fortunately) I wasn’t the only presenter. There were more than a dozen talks and demonstrations on a wide variety of topics. Some of the ones that made a particular impression on me (and might be relevant to you) were:

June Spencer who presented on ‘EFT Inner Repatterning’ a gentle process for dissolving problem states. You can find out more about EFT Inner Repatterning here.

Jess Mór: When the recordings of the sessions are available on the EFT Gathering website take a time to listen to the presentation by Jess who described her recovery from a traumatic childhood and its aftermath using EFT. It was a stunning presentation and insight into a troubled world and a determined effort to be free from suffering. This was the presentation that earned a well deserved standing ovation

Claire Hayes gave a powerful insight into the world of families with autistic children. She has a child with autism herself so is very well aquainted with that predicament. If you have a child on the autistic spectrum or know someone who has then I heartily recommend her Autism Parent Support project.

Phil Reed talked about his work helping teachers in schools in deprived areas of Inner London using a process he calls NATTY LALA (it’s an acronym) to help whole classes (and their teachers) get into a better state of being. If you are a stressed out teacher with stressed out kids (and colleagues) then ‘natty lala’ may be very helpful in calming down your class. You can find out about Phil and natty lala here.

John Bullough spoke entertainingly and profoundly about long term relationships and how to keep them developing over the long term using the ‘Differentiation Model’. You can find John at and his article about using EFT with the model of relationships here.

Karen Lewis gave a tour around the issues of the menopause and how EFT could help with symptomatic relief and the emotional issues around that time in women’s (and their partner’s) lives. You can find Karen at

All in all it was a great weekend and I got a lot of ideas and inspiration from listening to the presenters and talking to other attendees.

A big thank you to Andy Eckely for organising this gathering, and to Gwyneth Moss for being the master of ceremonies. I’m already looking forward to next year’s event.

PS If you live in the Midlands there is a Midlands EFT Gathering in Sutton Coalfield on 21st & 22nd May, 2011. If it’s half as good as the Northern Gathering, it’ll be great.

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