The EFT Café – Autumn Season

EFT CafeThe Newcastle EFT Practice group the EFT Café starts up again in September.

  • September 8th – Irritation Tapping: We all have things that irritate us, people do things that get on our nerves or rub us up the wrong way in some way or another. In this EFT Café we will explore ‘Irritation Tapping’ process developed by Steve Wells as a way of using these irritations as guidelines for us to develop ourselves (and reduce the effect of the irritations).
  • October 13th – Identity Relief: We all have ideas about ourselves, who we are and what we are like. These identity beliefs may be helpful or a hindrance to us. In this workshop you can learn how to use a new EFT process to quickly dissolve unhelpful identity beliefs we might have about ourselves such as ‘I am not good enough’, ‘I am lazy’, ‘I am overwhelmed’ and more.
  • November 10th – Working With The Shadow: Carl Jung the psychiatrist and contemporary of Freud came up with the idea of ‘the shadow’ – the disowned parts of ourselves. These aspects of our experience were hidden away from view to please our parent’s family and friends. In spite of it’s name the shadow may contain positive and negative aspects of ourselves. In this workshop you will learn how to use EFT to work with disowned parts of ourselves.
  • December 8th – The Compassion Triangle: In this workshop we will use EFT to help ease interpersonal conflict, making us calmer and more resourceful in dealing with difficult people – Just in time for Christmas!

Each EFT Café is from 7pm-9pm at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre in Gosforth and costs just £10 for two hours training and supervised practice.

Note: You do need some experience of EFT to attend these workshops and if you are an AAMET EFT Practitioner each EFT Café counts as 2 hours CPD credits to help you maintain your accreditation.

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  1. Just wondered if i could come along to the eft cafe. I did the level 1 course a while ago and have not much experience but am very interested in the identity relief session on 13 Oct. I teach a confidence building course and find that people have many negative beliefs about themselves, which are quite difficult to change. I think this workshop would be useful for this.

    Do I need to book or pay in advance?


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