Changing Limiting Beliefs – The Belief Flip – Audio Presentation

I’ve just completed this audio presentation about the EFT Belief Flip process I created a while ago to quickly neutralise limiting beliefs.

The Belief Flip

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The presentation gives a step by step explanation of the process with examples to help you understand the pattern.

Note: I apologise for the hoarse quality of my voice, it wasn’t a technical problem, I had a cold at the time I recorded it.

You can download a pdf version of  The Belief Flip (3188 downloads) by clicking the link.

P.S. This is a very effective belief changing process, but if you want to change a belief you have to find them first. If you are looking for hidden limiting beliefs I recommend “How to find your limiting beliefs with just one word”

Wonderful belief flip image (Parkour Practice London) courtesy of JB London


5 thoughts on “Changing Limiting Beliefs – The Belief Flip – Audio Presentation”

  1. Hi Andy,
    Found the Flip technique very useful, can I ask what you use as the opposite in very short phrases such as :- “I am” as in ” I am stupid” I.e. Stupid = Clever or excellent learner


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