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I often given tapping homework to clients: “tap on these issues a few times a day until we next meet”. Sometimes I’ve written the instructions out for them. Next time we meet, they’ll say things like “I forgot what you said”, “I lost the little bit of paper”.

I came up with the ‘Tapping Cards” idea as a way of giving clients, and myself, a way of selecting issues to work on and being able to track progress as things change. They’re designed to help you identify and work with background emotional states. These are our habitual feeling states that are at work on a day to day basis, they may be so familiar to us that they go unrecognised. The tapping cards allow us to identify a variety of negative emotions that may be at work in us and give us a way of working with them.

You need to have little experience of EFT for two reasons:

  1. The instructions will make more sense.
  2. You may find that this process triggers stuff in you and you need to be able to use EFT to reduce any intensity in your reactions.

Each card consists of a ‘feeling statement’, setup and reminder phrase, and a second setup and reminder phrase.

Sample 'Tapping Card'

By using the card as a prompt you can judge which emotional states are operating and devise a consistent way of working with those feelings.

Here is one way of using them:

  1. Once a week take a few minutes to work through all the cards one at a time to create a collection of tapping cards that apply to you.
  2. For each card read aloud the ‘feeling statement’ at the top of the card and estimate it’s intensity.
  3. If the statement has some intensity place the card on a ‘tapping pile’, otherwise put that card aside.
  4. When you’ve gone through the all the cards you should have a small collection of tap-able cards and another pile of cards that do not apply to you.
  5. Every day, give each card in the ‘tapping pile’ a few rounds of EFT using the setup and reminder statements provided (or substitute your own versions). Do this more than once a day if you can.
  6. If the card ‘loses it’s intensity’ after a few days put it back into the non-tapping pile.
  7. At the end of the week, review all of the cards and create a new tapping pile for the next week.

If you are interested in trying them out, you can download them in several page formats free of charge. To download cards in Acrobat PDF format place mouse pointer over appropriate format and select “Save Link As”.

Tapping Cards (pdf) : 5×3 Index CardA4Letter

To make the cards you can either print out the index card version on any printer that can handle 3×5 index cards. If your printer can’t cope with that, print the sheets of A4 or Letter size and cut them out for yourself.

I hope you find these useful. If you have any questions or comments please let me know.

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