Tal Ben-Shahar: Five Ways To Be Happier

This is a video segment of a longer interview with Tal Ben-Shahar a Harvard lecturer and researcher in Positive Psychology (the psychology of what is right with us and how to get more of that).

In this five minute piece Ben-Shahar talks about:

  • The importance of accepting our feelings whatever they might be.
  • The benefits of having quality time with our friends and loved ones.
  • Physical exercise and mental health.
  • Gratitude and why it’s good for you.
  • The importance of simplification.

It’s a short piece but well worth a look.

You can find more of the interview on the same site.

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  1. EFT Manual says:

    I love these five ways to be happier. We all need simple ways to lead happier lives.

  2. Claire says:


    I read you article, following on from this, i read a great article on tips to be happier at work and getting the best out of your colleagues

    Top Ten NLP Lessons in Leadership

  3. sioux says:

    so simple &empowering tools to use each day ………………thanks for the viedo

  4. Andy says:

    You’re welcome. In my opinion the simpler something is the more likely someone is to use it.

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