Successful use of EFT for fear of public speaking

I got an email from an attendee at an EFT for public speaking anxiety I did more than a year ago.

It’s been a busy old couple of weeks at work for me over the last month. Various work things have lead to a series of presentations, each getting more difficult. Some tapping was required on the run up to the talks, which got me far enough relaxed to actually prepare properly and break through those nerves and dread that usually stop me.

The first talk wasn’t so bad as the audience was about 6 … a fairly relaxed bunch ….

Second talk, I had most of my trouble on the day just before it was my turn to speak. This time it was more of a forum, but these were a mixture of clients, I had to do a lot of talking with the dreaded powerpoint, so I felt a lot more pressure. But when I felt the palpitations coming on and the adrenaline kicking in I sat and [in plain sight] rubbed the point between the little and ring finger as suggested on your blog and it really helped. It didn’t clear all the nerves but helped to quash the panic reaction, I could actually feel the panic flowing away. Plus I was doing it in front of everyone without even a funny look.! That is so valuable.

Third talk was the biggest. in front of the whole company, which is about 20 now, and with cinema style seating arrangement!! No pressure! But I didn’t have a problem, I tapped out what early morning nerves I had over the few days before, did my prep and the rest was fine. So fine, I blethered on for one and a half hours, instead of my alloted 45 minutes. So I wasn’t that popular with some people but I was over the moon, as I would have never pictured myself being so in calm and in control [emotionally] in a situation like that.

Tapping out the issues as they come up does help, but I still think a lot of the work was done during the group session, even though it might have taken time to settle in afterwards. So thanks again, this has really helped me and I would recommend the group session and well EFT in general to anyone with fears about public speaking or presentations.

I’m very happy that he got the result that he wanted, I’m even happier that he’s using the techniques on an ongoing basis. Give a man a fish …. well, you know the rest.

By the way you can find the ring finger/little finger trick he mentions here.

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