Stress Relief Workshop

I’m running a one day workshop showing you how to use EFT to reduce your stress levels. I’ll be showing you how to use EFT to:

  • Get quick relief from the physical symptoms of stress.
  • Defuse stressful memories so you can leave bad days behind you for good.
  • Disconnect your stress triggers so that you can handle the stresses of the day much more comfortably.
  • Prepare for stressful events so that you can be at your best rather than your worst.

You don’t need to know anything about EFT, the course will cover that in the first hour, thereafter you can learn how to use EFT to make a significant dent in your stress levels.

I’ll show you a practical, step by step, approach (described in full in the free workbook) which you can learn and practice during the workshop. My aim is to help you to learn how to use these techniques successfully for yourself.

You could use this workshop to:

  • Improve your public speaking
  • Reduce interview, or assessment, nerves
  • Relieve carer stress
  • Reduce the stress of ongoing medical treatments
  • Reduce work stress

Venue: St Oswald’s Hospice
Date: Friday July 7th, 10am – 5pm.
Cost: £60 (50% discount for staff or volunteers from St Oswald’s)

If you would like to know more or book a place email me or call 0191 478 2726

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