The EFT Collection

12 Tapping Techniques

The EFT CollectionThe EFT Collection is a compilation of some of the Tapping techniques that I have developed over the years as an EFT Practitioner and Trainer.

There are 12 techniques presented in this book. They range from very simple tactics to quite broad strategies for dealing with difficult situations.

They will help you:

  • Neutralise resistance to tapping so that you can get on with making the changes you want to make.
  • Make problems more “tappable”.
  • Identify and neutralise blocks to getting things done.
  • Soften negative emotions quickly and easily.
  • Easily find and dissolve limiting beliefs.
  • Change unhelpful patterns of behaviour and help create new ways of doing things.

“What a fantastic and helpful book”
– Michaela Thiede

“I’ve just sped my way through the book and LOVE IT! You write so well. ”
– Lisa Burnage

“This book is such a treasurebox! You thought about every problem! Great.”
– Romy Schlierf

Available in paperback Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu., PDF ebook or Kindle versions from Amazon (UK), Amazon (US), Amazon (DE),  Amazon (FR)

Who is it for?

The EFT Collection is for people who already know and use tapping for their own self development or with the people they work with in their professional lives.

It is a collection of techniques designed for people who want to be free of their unhelpful and limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and patterns of behaviour.

To get the best out of the book you need to be willing to explore your own experience, try things out and learn from the process.

It is an opportunity and an invitation to develop your awareness, intuition and judgement about your inner world and give you new ways to work with what you find.

Get this book if you want to add new techniques and tactics to your self help or therapeutic activities as using them can lessen the amount of emotional suffering in your life.

Available in paperback Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu., PDF ebook or Kindle versions from Amazon (UK), Amazon (US), Amazon (DE), Amazon (FR)

Who is it not for?

The EFT Collection is not a beginners guide to EFT, you will need to have some experience of EFT to get the best out of this book.

It is not a collection of tapping scripts or a guide for working with specific issues such as abundance, weight loss, or quitting smoking.

It is not a collection of quick fixes, miracle cures or one minute wonders. These techniques are ways of working effectively with small parts of the whole problem so that you can make better progress towards your goal. Applying these techniques will take some effort and application.

Important: This book is not a substitute for appropriate mental health care. If you need that please get it from an appropriately trained mental health practitioner.

What’s in the book?

The book is divided into six sections

1. Before You Begin: In this section I explore what I think of as the essential attitudes and practices, “The Right Stuff”, of a tapper who wants to get the best out of their tapping. It also includes two tapping processes: ‘Dealing With Our Resistance’ and ‘The Problem With The Problem’.

2. Uncovering Aspects: In this section I explore two methods for discovering what to tap on: ‘Finding The Aspects’ and ‘Changing Problem Labels’. Tapping itself is very easy, choosing what to tap on can be quite difficult. These two techniques give a simple and direct way of finding out what needs to be tapped on.

3. Softening Emotions: In this section there are several tapping routines that help take the charge out of challenging emotions in ways that are quicker and gentler than standard EFT. The techniques include ‘Choose Your Negative Emotions To Lose Them’, ‘Inclusive Tapping’ and ‘Paradoxical Tapping’.

4. Working With Beliefs: Limiting beliefs exert a profound effect on our lives, giving and denying us perceptions and permissions to act. In this section we explore ways of identifying limiting beliefs: ‘Find Your Limiting Beliefs With Just One Word’. Plus two simple processes for dissolving them with the minimum of fuss ‘The Belief Flip’ and ‘Exception Tapping’.

5. Strategies And Tactics: In this section there are two processes that build from the simple building blocks, which can be used to dissolve repetitive problems and to mentally rehearse a more agreeable future. ‘The Ping Pong Process’ and ‘Rehearse A Better Future With EFT’.

6. The Worksheets: At the back of the book you will find a collection of printable worksheets that you can use to work through some of the techniques.

Available in paperback Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu., PDF ebook or Kindle versions from Amazon (UK), Amazon (US), Amazon (DE), Amazon (FR)


The paperback version is available for £9.95 (approx $15.50 or €12.50) .

Both PDF e-book and Kindle versions of the EFT Collection are available for $14.95  (approx £10.20 or €12.90)  + VAT if applicable

Full disclosure: These techniques have been described in earlier articles on the Practical Wellbeing website. This book is an updated and expanded compilation of those articles.

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