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Due to recent changes in EU VAT regulation in relation to downloadable books and audio content I am now obliged to charge VAT (at your local rate) on ebooks and audio downloads to customers in the EU.

I apologise for the extra expense, but, as Mark Twain observed, the only two certainties are death and taxes (there is nothing much I can do about the latter, but I will put off the former for as long as I can).

7 steps to more wellbeing

7 steps to more wellbeing7 steps to more wellbeing (EPUB)

“7 steps to more wellbeing” gives you seven practical ways to increase your sense of emotional and mental well-being. This version is in an EPUB format suitable for many e-readers.

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Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Getting Out Of Your Own WayGetting Out Of Your Own Way, is a straightforward and thorough guide to uncovering and dissolving many of your hidden limiting beliefs and blocks – the ‘Resistance’ – the unconscious saboteurs that stand in the way of your progress.

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Stehen Sie sich nicht länger im Weg (for German readers)

Stehen Sie Nicht Laenger In WegStehen Sie sich nicht länger im Weg, ist eine einfache und gründliche Anleitung zur Aufdeckung und Lösung vieler Ihrer verborgenen, einschränkenden Glaubenssätze und Blockaden –der ‘Widerstand’ – das Unbewusste, die Saboteure welche Ihren Fortschritt behindern. Diese Version ist in einem hochwertigen druckbaren PDF-Format.

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