Softening the blow

You may have noticed I have an interest in the stresses and strains of life threatening diseases. If you have cancer, you and those who care for you, know that you don’t just have the disease, you also get all the stress, anxiety and worry that goes with it. I am developing stress reduction courses specifically for cancer patients and their carers. To fine tune the process I am offering eight free stress reduction ‘courses’ to volunteers, four in Newcastle and four in Hexham

The purpose of the course is to identify areas of stress and show you to use simple and effective techniques to:

  • Quickly reduce levels of fear and anxiety.
  • Be better able cope with the illness.
  • Feel greater peace of mind.
  • Be more in control of emotions.

Each stress relief course would consist of four, one to one sessions lasting an hour, plus a follow up session a month later to check your progress. All sessions are completely confidential.

There are eight places available:

  • Four for cancer patients who are in treatment now.
  • Two for ex-cancers patient currently in remission who are anxious about the future.
  • Two for carers who is dealing with the stress of looking after a cancer patient.

If you would like more information, or would like to take part in a course, please call me on 0191 478 2726 or email .

Important: These sessions are only aimed at reducing the emotional impact of cancer, they are not a substitute for appropriate medical treatment, no medical advice or opinions will be offered. The responsibility for your medical treatment lies with you and your medical team.

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  1. Good title for this post, I think.
    This info is ideal for sending to people who might be interested, hope you get the responses you need for the sessions.


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