So what's an EFT session really like?

Carol Look, a well known EFT therapist in New York, has provide a recording of a real life EFT session on her website. Her client ‘Toby’ very generously consented to have her session recorded and put online. If you’ve ever wondered what an EFT therapy session can be like this, is a great opportunity to listen in.

Carol Look has a very free flowing approach to dealing with issues and it’s very interesting to listen to her deal with a difficult situation. If you are already an EFT practitioner it’s a great example of EFT at it’s best.

There is also a short follow-up recording in which Toby discusses how the session has radically changed how she feels.

Please note: The subject matter is quite intense, her grief about the death of Toby’s son who died ten years ago, she goes through a lot of tough emotions to get to a much more peaceful state of mind.

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