Six Step Recovery Program for Adult Children of Dysfunctional Theories

This peach of an article about the responsibilities and attitudes of therapists is courtesy of Bill O’Hanlon,

1. We admit we are powerful enough to induce the sense of pathology in those with whom we work. We resolve to stop imposing our beliefs on others. We give our theories up to a lower power.

2. We vow to really listen to and acknowledge the feelings and points of view of the people with whom we work without closing down the possibilities for change for them in the future.

3. We resolve to treat each person as an individual and tailor our treatment to individual needs, perceptions and goals rather than try to fit them into pre-conceived models.

4. We resolve to confront and break through our denial about people’s strengths, abilities and health. We recognize that not everything people say and do has a pathological motive. We have decided not to label others in a way that disqualifies, invalidates of discourages them. We will studiously avoid hardening of the categories.

5. We recognize that humor can help break the cycle of hopelessness. People are grim enough when they are suffering without therapy adding to their sense of grimness. We vow to be sincere and never serious.

6. We are committed to bringing ourselves and our humanity into the therapeutic encounter rather than remaining distant professional doing techniques and methods on “our patients.”

Let me hear an amen!

I highly recommend Bill O’Hanlon’s newsletter it’s worth every pixel.

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