Shopping Fatigue

I was talking with a friend last week about the evils of Christmas shopping. She’d just had an unsuccessful browse in a shop looking for some more presents for the kids. She hadn’t enjoyed it, “I can’t think of anything to get them! They’ve got everything anyway!” We spent an enjoyable five minutes bemoaning the current way of doing Christmas. The hype, stress, expense and guilt in the season of goodwill.

I’ve just had an unsuccessful search for a remote controlled dragon! I promised a friend of mine that I would get her little boy the aforementioned dragon as one of his Christmas presents. She’d seen them in Woolworth’s and John Lewis, no problem I thought, I found out today that I was quite wrong. Sold out everywhere I’ve been! Three shops this lunch time in Newcastle and nine shops this evening in the Metro Centre here in Gateshead! No dragon, lots of stress. The Metro Centre advertises itself as the largest shopping centre in Europe, lots of people must love it, because it’s always full! I hate it, because it’s always full! After a fruitless search I sat in my car feeling stressed and depressed.

It occurred to me that I could write about some ways of handling Christmas stress, and sending a little of that seasonal goodwill to yourself. After my failed dragon quest I was well motivated to suggest some ways to take some of the the pain out of Christmas shopping or Christmas in general.

Here are a few suggested EFT tapping sequences, they may or may not apply.

Even though ….

  • I hate Christmas shopping, I’m all right I’m OK – tap, tap, tap …
  • It’s too noisy/busy/crowded, I’m all right, I’m OK – tap, tap, tap …
  • I can’t find what they want, I’m all right, I’m OK – tap, tap, tap …
  • I’ll go mad if I hear another carol, I’m all right, I’m OK – tap, tap, tap ….
  • I hate Christmas, I’m all right, I’m OK – tap, tap, tap ….
  • I hate the advertising, I’m all right, I’m OK – tap, tap, tap …
  • I feel under pressure to get everything everybody wants, I’m all right, I’m OK – tap, tap, tap …
  • I feel stressed/worn out/harassed/overwhelmed, I’m all right, I’m OK – tap, tap, tap …
  • I can’t make everybody happy, I’m all right, I’m OK – tap, tap, tap ….
  • I don’t know what to get ……, I’m all right, I’m OK – tap, tap, tap ….
  • I don’t enjoy Christmas anymore, I’m all right, I’m OK – tap, tap, tap …
  • etc

Of course, if you’ve had a really bad day you can use the suggestions in my Composting for beginners article.

What about the dragon though? I can tap as much as I like and it won’t materialise the dragon, but there are still things I can do, shops I can visit, places I can call. I can do something about my willingness to persist in the task and not to be worn down by the experience. If the worst comes to the worst, I can always forge an apologetic letter from Santa!

After 24 hours and even more shops, I finally found a remote controlled dragon. Now a little boy will be happier this Christmas, and I won’t have to forge apology letters from Santa!

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