SET at the EFT Cafe

The May meeting of the EFT Cafe will focus on Simple Energy Techniques (SET) a an approach that is similar to EFT because it involves tapping on accupuncture points but different in that it doesn’t use setup statements and encourages continual tapping throughout a session. SET was developed by Steve Wells and Dr David Lake in Australia you can find out more about it here.

Many EFTers complain that they have trouble coming up with the correct form of words for the setup statement. SET may be very useful in this case because the setup statement is abandoned completely. Also because tapping can be done continuously without any special wording it would be possible to integrate this way of working into conventional talk therapy just by adding the tapping to what you already do.

This EFT Cafe will be on May 13th between 7pm to 9pm costing just £10. For more information contact me.

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