Accepting Yourself

Why compassionate self acceptance is the way out of self-hate.

If you think that you are the problem and give yourself a hard time for all your shortcomings you are not alone. Self criticism is a corrosive force in many people’s lives.

From the inside self-criticism is very convincing, you have probably been “trained” since an early age, and these messages about your supposed inadequacies are very convincing and hard to shake off.

In this selection of articles I explore self-hate, why compassionate self-acceptance is much more useful than self-criticism and what you can do to start to break free of that poisonous conditioning.

What compassionate self acceptance is and how it my help you.

Why self-esteem and self-criticism are very poor substitutes for self compassion

A simple experiment with a bank note to demonstrate that you may be worth much more than you think

Three ways in which people think they can be happy, by changing the world, changing themselves or accepting themselves and doing what they want to do. And why the third option is least popular and the most likely to lead to contentment.

A simple meditative process to help you experience compassionate acceptance.

A guided audio version of A Little Drop Of Kindness

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