Self Propelled EFT

Last week I had the pleasure in meeting an unusual group of EFTers at the EFT Cafe practice group.

Unusual in that they were all ‘graduates’ of an EFT group run in the NHS. These guinea pigs had been chosen to take part in a 6 session EFT group to help with anxiety and other issues. That’s unusual in itself, EFT is being used one to one in the NHS on a limited basis so to have an EFT group running was something.

By their own admissions they were very impressed with EFT and what it was doing for them and wanted to learn more which is why they showed up at the EFT Cafe meeting.

What is even more interesting and inspiring is that once the course ended they took it upon themselves to meet up once a month at a member’s house and practice EFT together.

I love it when people pick up these techniques and make the most of them. I find it very hard to imagine people meeting regularly in their homes to practice CBT.

2 thoughts on “Self Propelled EFT”

  1. That sounds quite inspiring, that their mutual support is positive and sustained. It would be good to find out more about the process from their view, if they ever decide to put together a newsletter article or bulletin, I’d love to read it.


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