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Feel free to download any of the items on this page.

One Page EFT Summary – A one page summary of EFT

Tapping Worksheet – This is a simple two page worksheet to help you divide up a problem situation to create tappable issues.

Introduction To EFT – This is a short introduction to EFT. It describes the shortcut version of the Emotional Freedom Techniques and shows how to use the process.

Tapping cards: If you are an experienced EFTer than you might find these tapping cards to be a useful way to direct a daily tapping practice, you can read more about them here.

If you are interested in trying them out, you can download them in several page formats free of charge. To download cards in Acrobat PDF format place mouse pointer over appropriate format and select “Save Link As”.

Tapping Cards (pdf) : 5×3 Index CardA4Letter

To make the cards you can either print out the index card version on any printer that can handle 3×5 index cards. If your printer can’t cope with that, print the sheets of A4 or Letter size and cut them out for yourself.

10 Step Relaxation (mp3) –  This is a short (about 5 minute) relaxtion proceedure.

Bodyscan Meditation (mp3)  This is a simple mindfulness meditation which can help you settle down into a relaxed and focused state. There’s a short article about it here.


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