Practice makes perfect

There are two opportunities coming up in the Newcastle area to practice your EFT and or NLP skills.

The EFT Cafe is returning after a summer break with an exploration of a process I have been developing with clients to make resolving unpleasant memories more comfortable. EFT makes resolving traumas very straightforward and comfortable. The Stunt Double Process as I’m calling it is a way of softening the trauma resolution process still further. To find out more visit the EFT Cafe website or drop me a line.

The NLP Cafe is also restarting after a summer lull. Appropriately the first meeting will be around the theme of Procrastination and Getting Things Done using NLP. The NLP Cafe is a structure NLP Practice group we meet monthly to explore different ways of using NLP to improve our lives. This meeting is on September 16th at 7pm at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre in Newcastle. Visit the NLP Cafe site for more information.

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