A Pocket Size Introduction To EFT/Tapping

Image courtesy of Vicente Villamón

Image courtesy of Vicente Villamón

Affordable Three Hour Workshop Showing You How To Use EFT/Tapping For Quick And Simple Stress Relief

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) sometimes called ‘Tapping’, is a simple but effective way of soothing ‘negative’ emotions by using your body’s built in stress relief system. By tapping with your fingertips on the ends of acupuncture meridians you can reduce, or eliminate, many stressful difficult emotions.

This short workshop is designed to introduce you to EFT and show you how you can use it to reduce the stress in your life. You can think of it as emotional first aid.

In three hours you can learn how to use this simple technique to make your life a little easier.

Most people think you are stuck with negative emotions, but I disagree.

If you have ever felt an unpleasant emotion you will know that they can be rather stubborn.

Some common approaches to dealing with a difficult emotions are:

  • ‘grin and bear it’ (even if that is hard work)
  • swallow it down and try to ignore it (even if the feeling comes back later)
  • eat cake and drink wine until you feel better (even if that doesn’t last)

All these approaches assume that difficult emotions can’t be changed, that they must just be coped with.

It comes as a surprise to many people to find that you can let go of difficult emotions by learning and using simple techniques such as EFT.

By taking advantage of the body’s natural relaxation system you can quickly and easily soothe many distressing emotions.

Once you know how to ‘tap’ you can take care of most everyday distresses by yourself.

The critical assumption behind this workshop is: you don’t need to suffer unnecessarily, you can change the way you feel if you want to.

This workshop is a chance to learn how to use EFT to take some of the stress out of your life.

In this practical workshop you will learn how to apply this process to everyday stressful situations so that you can live a more comfortable life.

This workshop is for you if:

  • you want to learn and use a simple self help technique to feel better.
  • you have read or heard about EFT/Tapping and want learn how to use these processes for yourself.
  • you want to find out if EFT is for you without having to attend a full weekend training.

This workshop is not for you if :

  • you don’t want to feel better. If you learn and use these techniques there is a strong chance that your life will get easier and more comfortable.
  • you just want to learn about EFT this is probably not the right workshop for you. This workshop is a practical introduction for applying EFT / Tapping to everyday stressful situations to feel better.
  • you want a miracle cure. This workshop will teach you how to manage your own emotions, but people are complicated and there are limits to what you can achieve in three hours.
  • you are suffering from a major emotional crisis or have enduring mental health difficulties. This workshop is designed for self-help not as a substitute for therapy. (If you want to know if these approaches can help with more severe difficulties please contact me directly).

“Excellent teaching delivered with expertise, sensitivity and humour. Witnessing and having personal experience of such a powerful technique was inspirational” – Yvonne Moore

What happens at these workshops?

When you arrive, I’ll be there to welcome you, point you to the tea and coffee facilities and give you your training packs containing the printed paperback manual and other bonus training materials.

Keeping it safe and comfortable for trainees

While this workshop is all about working with difficult feelings I do my best to make sure it is a safe and comfortable environment to learn and practice these processes.

There will be no pressure on participants to “reveal all” at the workshop, there is usually no need to bare your soul (in fact I actively discourage that in the workshop).

Tapping can be a private process, most of the work can go on in the privacy of your own mind.

You decide what you want to tell people about and what is said in the training room, stays in the training room.

Introducing ourselves

We start with a relaxed and gentle round of introductions. I’ll give a quick introduction to the venue and an overview of the workshop.

 Introducing Emotional Freedom Techniques

The training begins with a brief history of EFT from the early days, how it works and how it has developed over the years.

I’ll show you the basics of the technique and you’ll soon be using it, in pairs, in a simple exercise to have a personal experience of the power of the process.

Simple stress relief with EFT

I will introduce the simplest way I know of taking the emotional distress out of challenging situations. It’s easy to learn and use.

You’ll practice this process in pairs and by yourself so that you can have it at your fingertips whenever you need it.

“Working in pairs – tapping together. It was really useful that the group had a varying background and different motivations for attending” – Lesley Wingfield.

Getting Over Bad Days

In this part of the workshop I will demonstrate a variation on the first technique that you can use to get over a bad day. A simple technique to leave the bad feelings of the day behind.

Preparing for future events

One of the ways we can suffer emotionally is to feel bad about events before they have happened. We can lie awake at night worrying about things that haven’t happened yet: the interview, the medical appointment, etc, etc.

In this part of the workshop we will use a variation on an earlier process to help us prepare for future events. So that we can be as calm and resourceful as possible, so we can do our best.


At the end of the workshop we’ll talk about simple ways of using these techniques and you will have a chance to reflect on what you have learned and how you are going to use it.

How much does this workshop cost?

There is a fixed price for this workshop of just £25. This is a very low cost way to learn a self help technique. For that you get three hours of classroom instruction and guidance from a tapping expert.

Your training materials include a free paperback EFT manual that I use for the two day AAMET EFT Level 1 Foundations training, plus worksheets and other information to help you get the best from the workshop.

If you attend this training and want to go on to take the AAMET EFT Level 1 training (a two day course in the foundations of EFT) with me you will receive a discount of £25 on the cost of the EFT Level 1 training.

These workshops take place at St Oswald’s Hospice Education Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne

To book your place click on the date of the training you wish to attend and you will be taken to a sign in page for that training.

Workshops in 2017

P.S. If you have any questions about this training or need any further information please drop me a line.

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