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What’s your normal emotional state? How do you feel? What do you feel? I don’t mean during major traumas or difficulties, but day to day. What’s the background emotional hum in your life? A bit sad, rather angry, slightly frustrated; would you like it to be different?

I’ve been playing around for a couple of months with an method for identifying and working with ongoing emotional states using EFT. The method involves using ‘tapping cards’, a simple way to identify the bothersome emotions in question and a pre-packaged setup and reminder phrases you can use.

The idea is very simple:

  • Each card has a ‘feeling statement’ written at the top, for example: ‘I feel anxious’, You may already know that this applies to you, perhaps it’s a foreground emotional state rather than something lurking in the background, that’s fine. Even if it doesn’t seem to apply to you at first glance, it’s worth checking whether this applies to you by just reading the line and noticing if it has some sort of resonance for you.
  • On a weekly basis, sort through the complete set of cards (there are about 20 at the moment), checking the emotional intensity of each feeling statement and picking the emotional themes that apply to you to form a set of tapping cards.
  • Every day, take each card from your ‘tapping cards’ and use EFT on the emotion to bring the intensity of that feeling down. There are guidelines on each card to help you or you can use whatever setup and reminder phrases you’d like to use.
  • Maybe after a few days one or more of the feelings may resolve, put that card to one side and continue working on the remaining ‘tapping cards’.
  • At the end of the week, review all the cards again and create a new set of tapping cards.

I’ve been doing this for a more than a month and I’ve found it a useful way of directing my EFT. It has also been surprising. I didn’t have any particular hot favourite emotions to work on, and I as I sorted through the cards on a test run I was surprised to find that my biggest reactions were to the sentences ‘I feel angry’!

I had no conscious idea I felt angry, it came as a complete surprise. Since then I’ve been working away each morning on my set of tapping cards. I still test positive for low level angry and other stuff, I suspect this is going to need a sustained tapping approach to bring this down. The information that I feel a low-level anger also started to put lots of different experiences into a new perspective that has been very helpful.

I think you need to have had some exprience with EFT before you use this approach, it’s possible that you might find you tap into (no pun intended) some intense memory and emotion and you need to have the confidence to be able to tap through that.

If you’d like have a go, I’ve created a Tapping Cards webpage where you can download free Acrobat PDF versions of the cards. Please feel free to have a play, and let me know how you get on.

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