An interesting overview of phobias on the BBC new website ‘I just can’t break it’. Among the more unusual triggers for phobic reactions are the feel of snails (who would want to feel a snail anyway?), the look of fish and the smell of bananas.

The article ranges over the spectrum of anxiety and panic attacks up to phobic responses. There’s no doubt that these conditions can have a very disruptive effect. Conventional treatments such as counselling and hypnotherapy have limited success, and many sufferers go to great lengths to avoid the triggers that set off their anxiety.

Both EFT and NLP have very effective processes that painlessly neutralise this stimulus-response pattern. Sometimes the relief can be within minutes, other phobias take a little more work to disentangle. Most phobia/anxiety sufferers have a hard time believing that something as convincing as a phobic response (there are few more convincing emotions than fear) can be relieved. However, they usually don’t mind being proved wrong.

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