Paul McKenna cures the nation

I didn’t see the modestly titled ‘Watch Paul McKenna cure the nation’ on GMTV, last week, but I’ve heard quite a few comments about it. You can see some of the results of his efforts to relieve various phobias: snakes, spiders and heights here: GMTV – Cure your phobia by watching GMTV with Paul McKenna

Apart from the publicity, it occurs to me that appearing on TV gives you some great advantages: you can test the spider phobia is gone with an impressive tarantula, or that the snake phobia is resolved by presenting the ex-sufferers with a huge snake called ‘Albert’. The relief from the phobia just looks so much more impressive with these fearsome ‘props’ (I wonder if Albert is for hire?).

There’s a link on that page that’ll take you to a short video of Paul McKenna demonstrating a TFT algorithm for a phobia. (If you’re a student of NLP you may notice his use of presuppositions during the process). It’s one of several video demos of tapping techniques that are now available. You can see a not so famous Mary Size demonstrating a TFT routine here.

Fortunately, if you have some phobias of your own you’d like to deal with, you don’t need to see Paul McKenna, or appear on breakfast television. Any good EFT practitioner should be able to help you out.

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  1. unfortunately, the video clip of the self-effacing Paul and his lovely assistant Albert has been moved! However, there is another clip of ‘Jesse, the dog on diazepam’. Linda, Jesse’s owner, drugs her dog to help it be less fearful of the sound of fireworks – has the world gone quite mad? Linda says “I might have to have her put down!”
    Whats wrong with earplugs, some dog treats and a cuddle, I wonder? Or an animal behaviourist? Or both!
    p.s. I believe Albert is in rep, doing Panto for Christmas, not available for demos until Spring.


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