Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Are you getting in your own way?

  • Do you procrastinate?
  • Do you self-sabotage?
  • Do you let yourself down by putting things off?
  • Do you miss deadlines?
  • Do you want to do what you want to do without that struggle?

If you find yourself getting in your own way and sabotaging your self then you have experienced ‘The Resistance’, a blend of fears and limiting beliefs that hold us in place and stop us from moving forward to our goals.

3 Steps To Success If Only!

In theory getting what we want should be a simple three-step process:

  1. Choose what you want.
  2. Take steps to get there.
  3. When you arrive celebrate achieving the goal.

If only it were that simple!

As well as real-world difficulties of making things happen, we often have blocks in our inner world that cause us to get in our own way.

The Getting Out Of Your Own Way package is all about releasing those blocks.

The Getting Out Of Your Own Way process has four stages

  1. Clarifying the goal: Getting clear about what you want to achieve.
  2. Expanding Your Comfort Zone: Reducing your fears and anxieties about leaving your comfort zone.
  3. Removing Blocks To Progress: Eliminating limiting beliefs that hold you back from achieving your project.
  4. Getting Started: Deciding on the first steps and removing any resistance to getting going.

Then taking the first step …

Then the next step …

And so on …

Benefits Of The Getting Out Of Your Own Way Package

  •  It is a straightforward, simple to use process that is easily learnt.
  • There are only four sessions to commit to easy to budget, easy to find the time.
  • Not only will you get the one-to-one help in Getting Out Of Your Own Way you will also be able to learn how to use the process for yourself.
  • You can book more sessions if feel you need them .

This will help you to move forward on the specific goal for the package and the know how to use it for any future goals and plans.

Each client will receive a FREE copy of my book ‘Getting Out Of Your Own Way‘ to help you use the process for yourself. (You can download the first six chapters of the book FREE)

How does it work?

Before we start: To make sure that any particular package is the right way to meeting your needs we have a free telephone conversation to find out if the package you want will meet your needs.

The Getting Out Of Your Own Way package itself consists of four hour-long sessions.

Session 1: In the first session we clarify your goal and uncover the first layer of limiting beliefs and blocks around reaching that goal

Session 2: In the second session we use specific EFT processes to expand your comfort zone so that you can move forward more easily.

Session 3: In the third session we dissolve the blocks that stand in the way of achieving your goal.

Session 4: In the last session we create a list of some of the things you need to do to achieve your goal and reduce any blocks to getting started.

Where, when and how much?

The Getting Out Of Your Own Way sessions are available in Newcastle at The Jesmond Therapy Centre, or Hexham at The Bodywork Centre

If you have experience of EFT these sessions can be available by phone or Skype contact me for details.

These sessions are available Tuesday-Friday, times by arrangement.

Each package session costs £40 £25 (until 1st September).

For more information and to discuss your needs contact:

Andy Hunt
0754 700 9116

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