A package is a series of specially designed one to one sessions with me to work on a specific issue.

It is different to therapy, training or workshops:

Is a series of one-to-one sessions designed to help people overcome personal and interpersonal difficulties. These sessions may extend over quite some time as deep issues are addressed and healed.

The training work I do is usually short term, perhaps over one or two days, that teach people general skills. This is usually with a group of people and the level of detail that can be dealt with is limited.

Are very specific trainings. They usually involve showing people how to use specific skills or techniques. Once again they are usually with a group of people so personal coaching and contact is limited.

A package is a one-to-one mini-workshop. You learn how to use specific skills and techniques on a personal basis taking into account your particular needs and requirements.

They are designed to be:

  • brief
  • specific
  • effective
  • affordable

Like therapy they have the advantage of one-to-one work with close supervision, like trainings they have the benefit of teaching you how to use a skill that will serve you well in the rest of your life.

All sessions are strictly confidential

How does a package work?

Before we start: To make sure that any particular package is the right way to meeting your needs we have a free telephone conversation to find out if the package you want will right for you.

The first session: At the first formal session we will have a more complete discussion of what you want to achieve before starting the work.

The remaining sessions: Each package has its own timetable. After the first session the sessions will take place at regular intervals until the package is completed (see individual packages for details).

Tasks: The aim of the packages are to help you learn a skill that will serve you well. To learn any skill you need to practice and each package has its own “homework”; you will need to do that work between sessions to help you get the most from your investment.

Follow up: After you have completed the package and you are using the techniques we will arrange a follow up call to discuss progress.

Extra sessions: If for some reason you need to book extra sessions then that can be arranged, but the packages are designed to be as self contained as possible.

Where, when and how much?

These package sessions are available in Newcastle at The Jesmond Therapy Centre, or Hexham at The Bodywork Centre

Some packages may be available by phone or Skype (see individual packages for details)

These sessions are available Tuesday-Friday, times by arrangement.

Each package session costs £40 £25 (until 1st September)

Current Packages

  • Getting Out Of Your Own Way: Resolving self-sabotage and procrastination.


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