Overcoming insect phobias

WaspIt’s hilarious isn’t it? The person on the beach, or in the park, rushing about and waving their arms wildly as they try to avoid the wasp. It’s not very funny if that person is you!

Summertime can be a bad time if you have a phobia of wasps, bees and other insects. Fortunately you don’t need to suffer like this, using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) removing a phobia can be quick and painless.Spider

On July 7th I am running a day long EFT workshop in Newcastle to resolve insect phobia. The day is divided into four parts, the first part is an introduction to EFT for novices, thereafter we will be dissolving the phobias using EFT. I fully expect most people to be over their phobia well before the end of the day. So much so that there is even a money back guarantee.

For more information on this event and other EFT events in Newcastle and Tyneside at the EFT Café website.

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