Only 4 Days To Go To The Autumn ChangeCamp

There are just four days to go before the 2011 Autumn ChangeCamp in Newcastle.


As usual there is a great line up of presentations and presenters on all areas of the psychology of change. Mini workshops on Mindfulness, EFT, Metaphors, The Vision Quest to name just a few.

Here’s the full list:

A lot to enjoy and a lot to learn from.

Specialist Book Stall

Not only that, the Anglo American Book Company formed in 1992 in order to meet the specific needs of those interested in psychology, psychotherapy, counselling and personal growth will have a book stall at the event.

All this for just £15, just click here to sign up (or you can pay at the door)

Continuing Professional Development

If you are a therapist and need Continuing Professional Development then we are offering Attendance Certificates for your portfolio. ChangeCamp is opportunity to broaden your mind and add to your portfolio


As well as the presentations there is also a chance to spend time getting to know people who are interested in personal and professional development. There is a special pleasure in being in the company of like minded individuals. The breaks and shared lunch are an excellent opportunity to make new friends.

All this for just £15

Join us this Saturday for the Autumn ChangeCamp by clicking this button (or you can pay at the door)

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