NLP Master Practitioner

yoda-mastermastery: (noun) comprehensive knowledge or command of a subject or skill

There’s a big difference between a good driver and someone who has just passed his test. There’s a big difference between a cook and a chef. There’s a big difference between a hill walker and a mountaineer.

One of the differences is practice and experience. There’s no substitute for practice, getting good at something means putting in the time and effort. Another difference is training in new skills, learning deepens the perspective and expands the range of choices available to you.

In an NLP Practitioner course you learn the fundamentals. In an IntegrityNLP training we visit and revisit the skills needed for communicating effectively with ourselves and others. It’s a hundred and twenty hours of training and practice. That might sound like a lot of time but it’s only time to scratch the surface of what’s possibles with this material. We have to leave out a lot of stuff: working on beliefs and values, even more skillful use of language, modeling the success of others to name but a few.

In the IntegrityNLP Master Practitioner we take you way beyond the level of Practitioner – opening up your skills and understandings – If you thought you learned a lot on your NLP Practitioner training be prepared to go much further.

In January 2010 IntegrityNLP will be running it’s first six month NLP Master Practitioner Training.

This training, and only this training, will cost you just £500.

This will be the only one offered at this price. If you have an NLP Practitioner certificate and you want to take the next step. Click here.

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