NLP Cafe – How to Increase Self Esteem

When people are feeling great, on-top of the world, self satisfying, self belief and self-aligned, they might well be described as having high self esteem.On the other hand, when people are feeling down, unhappy with their lot, under preforming and perhaps even miserable, they can be described as having low self esteem.

We all use this somewhat ubiquitous term of ‘self esteem‘ term but …

  • What specifically is self esteem?
  • How is self esteem created? and
  • How can you get more of it?

On February 13th at the NLP Café meeting Nigel Hetherington will demonstrate the structure of self esteem and how you can go about transforming your own and other peoples self esteem to create responsive, durable and above all honest foundations of the person who you want to be. This session will be based on Steve Andreas excellent Transforming Yourself work.

Once you know the structure of self esteem, just imagine what you will be able to do once, you will necessarily be able to :

  • Recognise and transform blocks into higher self esteem
  • Increase both your own and others self esteem
  • Transform mistakes into powerful and directive learnings
  • Have processes that you can self apply to change now and become who you want to be

The NLP Café will be meeting at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre in Newcastle between 7pm – 9pm on Wednesday February 13th.

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